Exciting news awaits Android and Google TV users on YouTube, as the platform unveils a much-anticipated upgrade; YouTube Premium subscribers, who have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of 1080p streaming quality, can now rejoice.  Although YouTube had initially introduced this enhanced feature exclusively for iPhone and Apple TV users, Google fans have been patiently awaiting its availability on Android TV and Google TV devices.

Recent reports indicate that the 1080p Premium tier was accidentally activated on certain devices, as observed by Reddit and Twitter users — this accidental glimpse strongly suggests an imminent official launch for Android and Google TV users.

So YouTube for TV started to offer 1080p Premium (I know, it’s in spanish but it gives an idea)
by u/latinriky78 in AndroidTV

So, what sets YouTube’s 1080p Premium apart? It offers an elevated streaming experience with a higher bitrate, resulting in crisper and clearer video quality compared to YouTube’s standard 1080p streaming. While some initially expressed concerns about putting 1080p video behind a paywall, it is important to note that the quality of free Full HD content remains unchanged.

Less “blocky” and more visually appealing videos

The key improvement lies in the higher bitrate streaming, analogous to how a higher quality MP3 sounds better than one with a lower bitrate. Presently, a typical YouTube stream at 1080p moves significantly fewer data per second than a Blu-Ray at the same resolution, potentially leading to a loss in visual quality. However, with the introduction of higher bitrate streaming in the Premium tier, users can expect videos to appear less blocky and more visually appealing.

The appearance of the 1080p Premium tier on Android phones, as well as Android/Google TVs, strongly indicates an imminent official launch. Historically, there has been a short gap between the testing phase and the release on Apple TV. Therefore, Android TV and Google TV users with YouTube Premium subscriptions can look forward to experiencing the enhanced crispiness of their favorite content in the near future.

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