What does Google and Darts have to do with one another? Nothing really, as you don’t hear about Google losing prototypes of its phones in bars after a few rounds of darts, but perhaps the Internet search giant might be working on a product known as Dart – or rather, the Dart Language, especially when you consider a slew of new domain name registrations which have been made by Google.

These registrations cover ‘DartLang‘, ‘DartLanguage‘ ‘Dart-Lang‘ and ‘GoogleDart‘ in .com, .net and .org flavors, and some figure out that Dart could have something to do with Google’s acquisition of Doubleclick in 2007, where that delivered the company’s DART (Dynamic Advertising Reporting & Targeting) ad serving technology into Google’s hands as well.

While Google did announce that the DART brand would be retired last year, we are still up in arms as to what this new ‘Dart’ could mean. What do you think? Is it a form of advertising-related product, or something totally different?

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