Android logoWe all know that Google gives different names of desserts to each new major version of Android, and the next version of Android that will be released after Ice Cream Sandwich (which is slated to arrive later this year) is going to be called Jelly Bean, according to This Is My Next’s trusted source. If you’re wondering why they’re using such a peculiar name, well it’s because Google uses dessert names in alphabetical order to nickname Android’s releases, and since the version before Jelly Bean will start with I, J comes next… and there’s not a whole lot of desserts that begin with J to choose from.

Regardless of the name, the next version of Android is said to be a game changer. It’s going to contain features that were originally scheduled for Ice Cream Sandwich but then delayed. Since Ice Cream Sandwich was already said to be game-changing – it will finally unite Android tablets and smartphones – we wonder what else Jelly Bean will be packing.

No word on what the version number of Android Jelly Bean will be or when it will be released, but at least we have a name now – if this rumor turns out to be the truth. What do you think of the name Jelly Bean? Do you have any suggestions for a better name that begins with J?

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