Here is yet another effort to help keep our rivers clean, or at least, be able to monitor the kind of pollution level that our ailing rivers are experiencing. We’re talking about researchers at the Michigan State University who managed to develop robotic fish which are 100% waterproof, being able to swim in schools while navigate through the current in order to keep a keen (robotic) eye on pollution in lakes, rivers, streams, and oceans.

Once again, mankind draws inspiration from nature, as MSU associate professor and electrical engineer Dr. Xiaobo Tan said that “fish behave in a way that underwater vehicles can’t yet equal.” Being able to swim in schools, around each other as well as being supremely agile in a way that a submarine is not capable of made robotic fish a no-brainer.

Tail fins made of electroactive polymers will move in response to electricity to propel the fish through the waters, and with the right kind of sensors fitted in, we will soon be able to have far more vigilant underwater pollution “police” to do the job – while blending in with the rest of the environment, of course. Hopefully no actual fish mistakes it for food though…

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