Sony intends to up the ante when it comes to a next generation video archive storage system, where it will include a cartridge that holds up to a dozen optical discs and a specialized drive unit. This is not yet ready for the masses just yet, since it is currently in the research and development stage, but Sony is targeting a 2012 release date for their Disc Archive Storage System – assuming the world does not end by then, of course.

At point of publishing, most organizations stash away their archives on tape, and even though tape can store plenty of data, one still needs to manage such growth, hence Sony decided to come up with a reliable, easy-to-operate, cost effective archive system – and the Disc Archive Storage System idea was born.

Meant to lower the total cost of ownership thanks to the use of long-life media, it will also boast of inter-generational compatibility that is based on the same optical disc technology which currently sees action in DVDs and Blu-rays. A dozen media discs are stashed away in a firm cartridge that allows data to be handled on a per-file basis, where the operating device recognizes the system as a “single large volume storage unit” instead of viewing them as an individual disc. You will be able to choose from different capacity options that range from 300GB capacity up to 1.5TB.

No idea on pricing just yet though – so stay tuned if more information surfaces. [Press Release]

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