Windows 8 boot time

Tired of waiting over a minute for your Windows computer to start up? Well, starting with Windows 8, it looks like you won’t have to waste time booting your computer anymore. Microsoft has released a video on the official Windows 8 blog, showing off how fast Windows 8 can boot from a cold start (battery removed from the laptop and then plugged back in before turning it on) and it is amazing. While there wasn’t a timer on the video, it looked like the laptop booted up Windows 8 in about 8 seconds!

No word on whether it’ll remain this quick as the computer gets used more, but 8 seconds is pretty amazing. That’s even faster than the start up time of a cellphone let alone a smartphone! It looks like waiting for our computers to start is going to be a thing of the past – hit the break for the video demonstration, and you can head over to the Windows 8 blog to read up on the finer details about the booting process.

Publishers note: interestingly, Toshiba is using something similar to this Hiberfile read to accelerate the boot time on their new Z830 ultrabook computers.

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