microsoft__logoIf you have some old games lying around in disc format that maybe you’d like to play again in the future, there is a chance that you might not be able to, especially if you’re running a Windows 7, 8, or Vista computer. Why is this? Apparently this is thanks to Microsoft issuing an update for Windows that disables SafeDisc.

We’re sure some of you guys might be wondering what is Safedisc? Basically SafeDisc is a DRM that protects software on disc, such as video games. However with the update, Microsoft has basically disabled the DRM meaning that some of your older games that still relies on the SafeDisc DRM will not be able to run on your computer.

Microsoft alleges that this apparently for your safety, and the good news is that games or other kinds of software using the SecuROM DRM will be safe from this. The other semi-good news is that your older games have not been turned into coasters or dust collectors. Microsoft states that you can still access those games, but the instructions they provided seem to be rather long-winded and unnecessarily complicated.

According to Microsoft, “After you install this security update, some programs may not run. (For example, some video games may not run.) To work around this issue, you can temporarily turn on the service for the secdrv.sys driver by running certain commands, or by editing the registry.” Like we said it seems a bit complicated for the average Joe looking to play some games, but in case you’re wondering why some of your older games suddenly don’t work, now you know.

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