It goes without saying that any spy shots or a leaked device will come in a blurry shot most of the time – and the same can be said of what you see above, which could very well be a Dell Peju tablet. Just what the heck is a Dell Peju? It is not some sort of jujubes that you suck on whenever you suffer from a cough or sore throat, but rather, will be a 10″ tablet from Dell that runs on the Windows 7 operating system.

Details concerning the Dell Peju tablet are pretty scant at the moment, and of course, it pays to be extra cautious with such images before jumping to conclusions. What we do know is this – this particular tablet will come with 2GB RAM, a USB as well as HDMI port, and a stylus holder that is strategically placed behind the device. Currently, Dell wants to release it this coming December at a price point that resides in the region of $900 to $1,000, which makes perfect sense – although it could be cutting it too close to the chase when it comes to the holiday shopping season rush.

Do you think Dell’s foray into the tablet market will bear much fruit, or is it a division that they should just send packing?

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