DROID RAZR siteLast month Motorola promoted the DROID Bionic with a special website that had 4 keys mailed out to 4 different blogs for them to unlock it. Well, it looks like the company thought that was a great idea and has repeated it again with a new phone: the upcoming DROID RAZR. But this time around, the company has sent the codes to 16 different blog. Each code is supposed to reveal something about the DROID RAZR that is rumored to launch tomorrow.

Judging by the number of pieces revealed (at the time of writing, it seems like just one), it doesn’t feel like it’s a very successful campaign. However, there’s almost a full day left, so it could be unlocked sometime later today. I wonder what happens if the timer runs out before all the codes are entered? In the meantime you can keep your browser locked on to the Motorola reveal website, for new clues. Anybody excited about the DROID RAZR?

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