DROID Bionic
After the long string of delays and leaks regarding the phone and the recent arrival of the phone’s promo materials it looks like the DROID Bionic is almost here. Yesterday four tech blogs (BGR, Joystiq, Boing Boing, and Android Central) received special suitcases containing materials for the DROID Bionic viral marketing campagin. Each blog received a key which they had to enter at the official DROID website to unlock something. Well, it looks like the four blogs have had their codes verified and a previously inaccessible level of the DROID website has been unlocked.

So what was unlocked? If you were hoping for official pics or specs of the device, you’re wrong, but that doesn’t mean we don’t learn anything new about the upcoming phone. The unlocked site plays a video clip that shows users a whole bunch of people running around with everything but the DROID Bionic in their hands. Tablets, TVs, laptops, Quadcopters and even Verizon’s other DROID phones, but no sign of the Bionic anywhere..

The video ends with a message about ARENA – an augmented reality scavenger hunt that begins in about 58 hours (at this time of writing). Good thing about the scavenger hunt is the prizes are the devices shown in the TV, and the inclusion of a DROID Bionic, which I’m sure will get a lot of people participating in the contest. Head over to the official DROID website to check it out.

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