Are you rocking to the brand new Sony Tablet S? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you might be interested to know that the famous PlayStation Store, or better known as the PS Store for short, has now opened up its gates to said tablet device. There are currently 10 PSone games available to choose from, so you can indulge in titles such as Destruction Derby, Hot Shots Golf 2, Jet Moto and its sequel amongst others for $5.99 a pop.

Getting the PS Store up and running on your Sony Tablet S is a snap – you will be on the receiving end of a notification that informs you that the PS Store is ready and waiting for your virtual self to waltz in and perform a download. On-screen directions (which are hopefully easy to follow) will help nudge you towards downloading the PS Store App, where you can then start downloading games for the Sony Tablet S.

If you’re using the Sony Tablet S at the moment, what are your favorite games? Don’t tell me it is Angry Birds…I think the world should have had enough of it by now.

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