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PlayStation Store Refund Pre-Order Possible But There's A Catch
It’s possible that you pre-order a game when it’s first unveiled but over the following days you decide you don’t want to spend your money on it. What do you do then if you have pre-ordered it through Sony’s PlayStation Store? A new policy has been enacted which does allow PlayStation Store pre-order refund but there’s a catch.

Driveclub Servers Will Shut Down Next Year
There was a lot of hype for Driveclub initially but it seems that it has now tapered off for the game. Sony has confirmed that it’s going to be shutting down the servers for Driveclub, Driveclub VR, and Driveclub Bikes next year. It’s going to delist the games from the PlayStation Network store as well later this year.

Latest PlayStation Store Sale Offers Discounts On Must Have Titles
Sony has launched a new sale on the North American PlayStation Store. It’s providing discounts on titles that it feels are a “must have” for every gamer’s library. There are quite a few good deals to be had in this sale so if you’ve been meaning to pick up some new games for your console, you should certainly check out this latest PlayStation Store sale.

PlayStation Store's Sale Of The Dead Offers Great Discounts
Sony is running a Halloween-themed sale on the PlayStation Store these days. It’s a great opportunity for PlayStation console owners to purchase some titles via the company’s online store at a reduced price. According to Sony, customers can get discounts of up to 50 percent during the Sale of the Dead week on the PlayStation Store.


Latest PlayStation Store Sale Cuts Prices Of Some Great Games
Sony often offers great deals and discounts on digital game downloads via the PlayStation Store and it’s back again with a new sale. The company is calling it the “Critics’ Choice” sale which means that it’s going to provide discounts on some of the best PlayStation games that money can buy. We’ve checked out the list and there are certainly some great titles that you can pick up at very […]

PlayStation Store Flash Sale Offers Games For $5
Sony often offers flash sales on the PlayStation Store over the weekend so that console owners can purchase some new titles at discounted prices. It works well for both parties as more games are bought via the PlayStation Store and console owners get them at discounted prices. Sony is running one such promotion right now by offering games for as low as $5 via the PlayStation Store.

PlayStation Store Black Friday 2016 Deals Confirmed
You’re likely to see a lot of great deals on gaming consoles and games being offered by many retailers but don’t forget that there’s also going to be a sale on the official PlayStation store. Sony has now confirmed the PlayStation Store Black Friday 2016 deals ahead of the big day itself. It’s promising discounts of up to 80 percent on AAA games and some of the best movies available […]

Sony Cuts Prices To Celebrate PlayStation Store's 10th Anniversary
Sony released the PlayStation 3 in Japan on November 11th, 2006 and brought it over to the United States six days later. The PS3 is a special console for Sony due to a variety of reasons, including but not limited to the fact that the company launched PlayStation Network and PlayStation Store with this console. It’s celebrating the PlayStation Store’s 10th Anniversary by cutting prices on some games.

Resident Evil Gets Discount For 20th Anniversary
It was back in March some two decades ago when gamers were introduced to the world of Resident Evil for the very first time. The franchise and gaming technology has come a long way since the first trip to the spooky Spencer Mansion. The PlayStation Store is commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Resident Evil franchise by offering discounts on some of the previous titles.

PlayStation Store Flash Sale Offers Amazing Discounts On Games
The holidays are always a great time to purchase new consoles and games, no wonder gaming consoles are always the hottest items every holiday season. Companies that make these gaming machines then follow up with steep discounts to get people to spend more money on their platform, and PlayStation’s flash sale is certainly going to make you want to spend more money on the PS Store.

Redeem PS Store Codes Through PlayStation App
Sony has released a new update for the PlayStation app that’s available for both iOS and Android. Several changes are included in this update but there’s one new feature that’s going to appeal to quite a lot of PlayStation owners, particularly those who regularly use codes in the PlayStation Store. It’s now possible to redeem PS Store codes using the official PlayStation Store app.

P.T. Pulled From PlayStation Store But It Will Remain Accessible To Some
We first got word earlier this week that the Silent Hills Playable Teaser or P.T. for PlayStation 4 was being removed from the PlayStation Store. It was then confirmed by Konami that Silent Hills has been cancelled so there’s no need to keep P.T. around any longer. P.T. has been pulled from the PlayStation Store so if you didn’t download it before you won’t be able to get it now, […]

Sony Says Sorry With 10% Discount On PlayStation Store
Sony has not had a good end to 2014 – what with the hacking of their Sony Pictures division, not to mention seeing their gaming network hacked over the course of Christmas, much to the chagrin of gamers who were looking forward to some serious gaming time over the holidays. Well, the company has since put their troubles behind them, and in a move to patch things up with gamers, […]

PS3 PlayStation Store Gets PayPal Support
Sony has announced that starting today, users can add funds to their Sony Entertainment Network wallet through PS3 PlayStation Store which now supports PayPal. PayPal integration was initially introduced in January earlier this year, but back then the Sony Entertainment Network wallet could only be funded through PayPal via the web. Only recently Sony added the option to add funds to the wallet through mobile devices, using the Mobile Billing option. PayPal […]