Could it be true? Whispers are going around the grapevine that the Samsung Focus S will be pretty respectable in terms of internal memory right out of the box when it arrives Stateside – basically, it is rumored that the Focus S will run with 1GB of RAM underneath the hood, where that amount will be accompanied by 32GB of internal memory to boot. It seems that the 32GB model will be a different variant apart from the 16GB model that we already know is heading towards AT&T. Well, the more the merrier, and with a couple more choices for the Windows Phone camp, I don’t think that Microsoft would be complaining – do you?

If this rumor turns out to be true, then it is advisable that you choose wisely – after all, just like all Windows Phone handsets, there will be no usable microSD memory card slot, so if you think that 16GB is not going to cut the mustard, then perhaps you might want to check your bank balance to see if the 32GB model is right up you alley and agrees with your ATM card.

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