Self Table Tennis
Love playing table tennis but can never find a partner to play with? Well you’re in luck. If you remember back in June, we wrote about “Hyper Ping Pong” – the special table tennis bat that let users play a game of Ping Pong with themselves, just by swinging the bat and timing the hits correctly. We’ve got some good news for you lonely people out there, because the bat is now available for purchase – everywhere.

The folks over at Gizmine now have the Self Table Tennis bats for sale, and they’re shipping it all over the world including the US. So not only do you not need a partner to play table tennis with anymore, you can even do it in a small room or even your car (preferably when you’re not driving) – just as long as you have enough space to swing your arm around.

The Self Table Tennis bats are available in both Shake and Pen styles to suit your play style and cost $39.99 each. Head here to purchase the bat or watch a demonstration video to see how it works:

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