Does virtual table tennis sound familiar to you? Microsoft and Nintendo both have that covered thanks to their motion sensing devices with the Kinect and Wii respectively, although the key difference between what they’re offering and what Happinet’s “Hyper Ping Pong” is offering, is that with “Hyper Ping Pong”, you wouldn’t actually require a television or a console, just a table tennis bat.

The idea behind the “Hyper Ping Pong” is to allow the player to enjoy the feeling of successful rallying, which sometimes can be hard to achieve when playing with a real player or against the computer. It works through sound, so players will have to imagine the ball being hit, bouncing and being returned in order to gauge their next “hit”. A button can be found on the paddle, which when timed correctly and pressed, would allow you to execute a “smash”, signifying that you just won that rally.

It’s a pretty novel toy and we’re not sure what it’s supposed to promote, although it does look like fun and since there aren’t any balls in question, you can pretty much swing however you want, limited to just your imagination. It will be released in Japan this October for $25. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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