The movie Inception that starred Leonardo di Caprio was certainly a brain-buster, as it took me a couple of viewings to fully appreciate the length and breadth of the film. Well, it is suggested that inception is nigh impossible in the movie, but what about in real life? Soliders who return home from the battlefield tend to suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD), leading the US Army to work on a solution. In fact, the future might see said combat veteran put on a pair of 3D glasses that display the faces of people whom he trusts, where they fight alongside to get rid of whatever fear or trauma that is bugging them.

Basically, such a dream sequence should be realized in an Army-backed experiment known as “Power Dreaming,” where the Naval Hospital Bremerton in Washington State will assist traumatized troops to fight against their nightmares via the use of soothing, digitally-made dreams crafted in virtual worlds.

Right now, the research project is in its infancy and will launch only sometime next year, so hopefully if perfected, it can also be applied in the lives of normal folks who depend on powerful sleeping pills to send them to a dreamless sleep each night.

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