Verizon iPhone 4S coming this October 14th

iPhone 4SVerizon Wireless is up next in line to officially announce the iPhone 4S right after Sprint, and of course the terms and conditions would be pretty much the same – I guess it really boils down to which carrier you would like to place your hard earned dollars with, where the 8GB iPhone 4S starts from $99.99 onwards, going all the way to $399 for the 64GB model – all with a 2-year contract, of course.

Those who are interested will be able to place a pre-order for the iPhone 4S online from this Friday onwards, which is October the 7th, where said smartphone will arrive a week after that in front of your doorsteps. Of course, what good is the iPhone 4S if it does not come with its own voice and data plan?

You can opt for the $39.99 voice plan for 450 minutes and a data plan from $30 for 2GB monthly onwards, and needless to say, anything more than that would mean having to fork out even more moolah. [Press Release]

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