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Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy Tab to receive Gingerbread update

galaxy tab verizonOwners of the original Samsung Galaxy Tab will be pleased to know that both Verizon and Samsung have not forgotten about you guys, and will be issuing the Gingerbread update for your tablet. The update is stated as “Coming Soon!” on Verizon’s website, but unfortunately no specific date was mentioned. With Ice Cream Sandwich expected to hit several of Samsung’s devices, we guess better late than never for a Gingerbread update, right?

For those wondering what the update will bring to their Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet:

As to whether the original Galaxy Tab will receive the Ice Cream Sandwich, that remains unknown, although the device isn’t exactly very old. At the very least Samsung Galaxy Tab owners on Verizon will have Gingerbread 2.3.5. For more information about the update, head on down to Verizon’s website.

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