If you love watches, then you might be interested in checking out this concept watch by Art Lebedev Studio. Dubbed the Integralus Digital Watch, it will feature two segments – one that displays the hour and the other half that displays the minutes. Each will run on its own battery, so should one battery die, you will at the very least be able to tell the hours/minutes.

The two segments will snap together, thus locking the watch into place and securing it on your wrist. The body of the watch will be made out of milled aluminum, with the strap to be made out of an elastic material and will be available in three sizes and a variety of colors to match personal preference.

It’s a rather interesting concept, but as we had mentioned earlier, this watch remains a concept for now, so there’s no indication if and when the Integralus Digital Watch will be put into production and how much it will cost. Any takers?

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