Hmmm, once you’re done watching the BeatWheel Hack video after the jump, surely something to do with an old school game show would come into mind – as for me, I could not get the idea of a revamped, 21st century version of “Wheel of Fortune” being released for the Xbox 360 and Kinect, so that I can virtually spin my wheel and watch Vanna White’s digital persona strut around in HD resolution graphics. Enough daydreaming for now, here is the BeatWheel hack for Kinect that offers another method to make music using nothing but physical actions. It was recently developed and paraded at the Music Hackday in Boston, where music samples are separated into eight segments that encircle the user in a similar manner as that of a clockface. You will be in full control of which part plays what when you wave your hands around. Cool or not?

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