Samsung VS AppleRemember the Smart Case released for Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1? It was designed in such a way that looking at it, just about anybody could have been fooled into thinking that it was Apple’s Smart Cover for the iPad 2. We were wondering how come Apple did not take any action against Samsung or Anymode (the company behind the design), but we guess Apple was saving that for later, or rather now.

Shortly after Samsung backed off Apple with regards to 3G technology patents and went after them against with a new set of patent infringements claims, Apple has decided to fire back with a lawsuit of their own regarding Samsung’s Smart Case for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and smartphone casings, claiming patent and registered design infringements.

According to Samsung’s lawyer, Apple alleges that the Smart Case and the cases for Samsung’s smartphones infringed upon 10 of their patents. Given how the Smart Case was certified by Samsung, claiming to have been “Designed for Samsung Mobile”, Samsung does bear some of the responsibility despite it being made by Anymode.

The last we heard, Samsung was going after Apple over emoticons, and now Apple is retaliating with tablet and smartphone casings – does anyone else think that both companies are starting to take things way too far and it’s bordering on ridiculous?

Updated – As it turns out, according to official word from Samsung, this is not the case (no pun intended). According to Samsung, the new lawsuit filed by Apple against them are based on patents “related to the utility of mobile devices and design rights related to the external appearance of devices,” and that they are confident they can prove the distinctiveness of their products and will help ensure that their products remain available to customers in Australia where the lawsuit was filed.

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