A Boxing Fight Was Illegally Streamed Through The Reflection Off A Guy’s Glasses

There are some sporting events that are held behind a paywall where viewers will need to purchase a pass in order to watch it. There are some ways to get around this, such as going to a bar where the event might be streamed, or alternatively, there is always pirate streams that you could look for.

State Of Iowa Hires Security Firm To Break Into A Courthouse, Arrests Them Later

From time to time, companies hire security firms to test their security systems. For example, sometimes when a company wants to know if their software is secure, they might hire hackers or launch a bounty program where they would let hackers try their best to beat their system to find potential flaws and vulnerabilities.

US Federal Court Rules That Suspicionless Phone Searches At The Border Is Illegal

As some of you might have heard, it seems that people wanting to get a visa to the US will need to hand over social media information. In some cases, some visitors to the US have even had their phones and electronic devices searched at the border, which some believe is a violation of a person’s privacy.

Saudi Government Reportedly Recruits Twitter Employees To Spy On Its Critics

Social media platforms like Twitter are rife with all kinds of user information, some of which is shared publicly, and some of which is private. If private, then accessing it would be pretty hard unless you’re a Twitter employee, which is what the Saudi Arabia government was counting on when they recruited a couple of Twitter employees to spy on their critics.


Huawei Trade Ban Exemptions To Be Granted Soon

As many of you might have heard by now, Huawei has been banned from doing business with companies in the US. However, a few months ago, the US government announced that they would be softening their stance and while Huawei will continue to remain on the government’s Entity List, they will be granted exemptions.

US Government Might Blacklist Chinese Companies That Copy Tech Ideas

While we’ve seen many Chinese companies come up with unique and innovative products and technologies over the years, it’s hard to deny that copying tech products from other companies is something that routinely happens. When that happens, it’s up to tech companies to try and pursue legal action, but now it looks like the US government could be considering stepping in.

Lawmakers Proposes That Streaming Services Broadcast Emergency Alerts

One of the benefits of streaming services like Netflix and Amazon is that you don’t need to deal with ads. This is because while they do sometimes feel like regular television, they are not, and as such, aren’t necessarily subjected to the same requirements of television. This includes broadcasting emergency alerts in the form of Reliable Emergency Alert Distribution Improvement (READI).

Apple Watch Might Have Saved A Woman From Being Raped

The Apple Watch comes with a couple of health features that have helped save many lives over the years that the smartwatch was launched. Now according to a report from the Calgary Herald, it seems that the Apple Watch might have saved yet another life, although not necessarily in the way you might think.

Disney Plus Might Not Work On All Devices

So Disney Plus will be launching next month and given the breadth of Disney’s catalogue and the various franchises under its umbrella, it is understandable that many are eagerly anticipating its release. However, before you get too excited, it seems that there is a chance that Disney Plus might not work on your device.

Latest Google Maps Update Isn’t Sitting Well With Law Enforcement

Many of us are probably familiar with Google Maps, but in case you did not know, Google also owns Waze, another navigation app that more or less does the same thing. However, one of the main differences between both apps is that with Waze, it comes with crowd-sourced information, where users can report accidents, traffic jams, and even police checkpoints.

Third-Party Amazon Sellers Found To Be Selling Expired Food

Amazon has such a massive presence online and they sell pretty much everything and anything. As such, it is not surprising that the company sometimes sources out some of its products to third-party sellers. This is  a pretty common practice but unfortunately, it seems that some of them aren’t above board.

US Congress Gets Involved In Hearthstone Player’s Suspension, Asks Blizzard To Reconsider

As you might have heard, Blizzard has come under massive fire recently for their decision to suspend a Hearthstone professional player for a year. This was because the player, Ng Wai Chung, also known as blitzchung, decided to show his support for the Hong Kong protests during his post-game interview.

Woman Reported To HR By French Colleagues For Sending Emails After 8pm

Did you know that over in France, it is considered to be illegal to send emails to employees after working hours and on the weekend? The idea behind this is that it is meant to help promote a work-life balance, where it will give people a break from work and concentrate on their family, friends, and hobbies, without having to feel obligated to respond to emails from your boss or […]

Fan Uses Japanese Idol’s Eye Reflection To Find Out Where She Lives

Why professional photographers have a need for cameras with higher megapixel count is because during the printing or editing process, having higher megapixels means that photographers have more details to work with, while still being able to retain the details in the rest of the photo.