Somebody Used The Domino’s Pizza App To SWAT A Home

Like the majority of food delivery apps, the Domino’s Pizza app comes with the ability for customers to leave a note. This means that users can leave messages to note food allergies, extra napkins, delivery instructions, and so on. However, it seems that someone decided to use the app that resulted in a home getting swatted.

Scammer Deepfakes Voice Of A Company’s CEO, Tricks Employee Into Transferring Money

Deepfake videos are proving to be a problem where we have seen how convincing they look, but it seems that while deepfake videos are a problem, perhaps deepfake audio could be something that we should start paying attention to in the future, especially after there was a report where an employee of a company was tricked into transferring over $200,000 to a scammer, believing that the scammer was his boss.

Thieves Who Stole $300,000 Worth Of iPhones Might Have Just Wasted Their Time

iPhones are a hot commodity and just about everyone wants one. Their resale value is also pretty high for second-hand devices, which is why many thieves and robbers are targeting the devices. In fact, a report from Perth Now has revealed that a group of thieves had smashed their way into an Apple Store in Perth, Australia, where they made off with more than $300,000 worth of iPhones.

Harvard Student Has Visa Cancelled Following Social Media Posts

In case you didn’t know, if you’re planning on applying for a visa to enter the US, whether it be for work, study, or holiday, you will need to submit your social media information for it to be screened. Now, if you were to post a lot of things that could be considered problematic, it makes sense that your visa might be rejected, but what about the posts other people […]


Drug Mule Busted At Airport After Authorities Go Through His Search History

Our searches can tell a lot about us and our current state of mind, and it is because of this that a drug mule entering into Australia was caught. 36-year-old Sam Kul was entering Australia after spending four months in Europe, where upon entry into the country, airport customs officers searched through his phone where they found his search history that led them to believe he was hiding something.

CDC Identifies A Death That Could Be Linked To Vaping

The concept of vaping and e-cigarettes are designed to help people ease of regular cigarettes. However, given that they’re still considered to be relatively new, not much is known about the chemicals used in vape juices and what kind of health complications they might cause in the long-term.

The FAA Apparently Needs To Remind Users Not To Weaponize Their Drones

The drones that are designed for consumer use typically come with a camera attached to it. However, in theory, if you could attach a camera, you could attach all manner of objects, including weapons like guns, a flamethrower, and so on. Obviously this is illegal but apparently it’s not a fact that is obvious to some.

Nuclear Plant Employees Arrested For Stealing Electricity To Mine Cryptocurrency

There is a reason why not everyone is mining for cryptocurrencies in their own home. This is because the mining process requires quite a bit of powerful hardware (which is why at some point in time, the prices of GPUs were going up) and also a lot of electricity, meaning that you could actually end up spending more than you make if you’re not successful.

Face Detection System Helps Lead Police To A Murder Suspect

Technology sometimes has some surprising uses, where sometimes it works in ways you might not have expected. Take for example over in China, it seems that a face detection system used by a loan app has helped police track down a murder suspect, in which it ultimately led to him being arrested.

Man Accused Of Hiding A Spy Cam In The Bathroom Of A United Airlines Flight

Spy cams hidden in bathrooms aren’t new, but unfortunately, it seems that such practices do not appear to be stopping anytime soon. In fact, more recently, there was a report of how a man was accused of hiding a spy cam inside the bathroom of a United Airlines flight after a woman discovered the device.

FAA’s New App Helps Drone Operators Figure Out Where They Can And Cannot Fly

Drone operators are probably aware that over in the US, there are various restrictions set in place by the FAA in which there are certain locations where they may or may not fly their drones. This makes sense, especially since flying drones near places like airports can be rather dangerous and disruptive.

Huawei Enjoys 20% Increase In Phone Sales In Spite Of US Ban

Many assumed that Huawei would be in huge, huge trouble following the ban from the US in which the company would no longer be allowed to do business with US companies.  This was a huge deal when you consider the fact that Huawei sources many components and software from US based companies.

Google And Huawei Were Working On A Smart Speaker Together

Google has a couple of smart speakers under its belt in the form of the Google Home series. However, it seems that Google had another smart speaker in the works that they were allegedly developing together with Huawei, but it seems that those plans have since been scrapped following Huawei being placed on the US Entity List.

A New Anti-Meme Law Could Result In Huge Fines For Those Who Share Them

By now, most of us are probably familiar with the concept of memes. For those who aren’t familiar, memes are essentially photos or images that are repurposed with added captions or modifications and turned into a joke. However, it seems that a new bill making its way through Congress could potentially put an end to that.