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Google Claims Acquisition Of Fitbit Is Complete, But US Department Of Justice Disagrees
A couple of years ago, Google announced their plans to acquire Fitbit. This acquisition would no doubt help Google’s wearable efforts, but as with all acquisitions, they need to go through an approval process to ensure that there are no antitrust violations. Now it seems that Google has announced that the acquisition is complete, but the US Department of Justice begs to differ.

Activists Turn The Table On Police By Using Facial Recognition To Identify Them
When there are protests, police are usually involved to try and maintain the peace. In some instances, protestors and the police get along and no one is really causing any trouble, but in other instances, things can get messy where the police do things that they shouldn’t be doing. Holding the police accountable to their actions would obviously be ideal.

Ceiling Fans Recalled Over Blades Detaching And Flying Off
We’re not sure if you’ve ever had this concern, but have you ever considered the possibility that the blades on our ceiling fans flying off while in use? If you’ve never had that thought, now you do, and it seems like it is a possibility because a company calling themselves King of Fans has announced a recall.

Cyberpunk 2077’s Developers Are Facing A Class Action Lawsuit
When CD Projekt Red finally released Cyberpunk 2077, it was a very anti-climatic launch. This is because the game was riddled with bugs, and to make matters worse, the console version of the game, especially for PlayStation gamers, was pretty much unplayable where there were performance issues that caused the game’s framerates to drop to as low as 10 fps.


FAA Hits Drone Pilot With $182,000 In Fines
While consumer drones might not have been regulated at the start, they are now by various governing agencies around the world. The laws will vary from country to country, where in some places like the US, drone owners are required to register their drones (unless it weighs under 0.55 pounds) with the FAA.

Google Could Face Antitrust Lawsuit Over Its Cut From The Play Store
Right now, Apple is getting a lot of unwanted attention over its App Store and the cut it takes from developers who sell apps or services through it. Now it looks like it could be Google’s turn to stand under the spotlight because according to a report from Bloomberg, at least three states in the US – Utah, North Carolina, and New York – could be looking to launch an […]

DJI Is Now On The US Entity List
If you were hoping to get your hands on a new DJI drone in the future, that might be tricky because the US government has since placed DJI on its Entity List, the same list that Huawei is currently on. This spells trouble for the drone maker as they might have some issues finding parts for its products.

It Is Now Illegal For ISPs To Charge You A Modem Rental Fee
Typically whenever we sign up for an internet plan with an internet service provider (ISP), they will give us a modem to use. This modem is more than capable of getting the job done, but it’s not necessarily the best in terms of speed or coverage, which is why more often than not, a lot of us usually end up upgrading our own equipment.

The FTC Wants To Break Up Facebook, WhatsApp, And Instagram
It is no secret that Facebook is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, social media platform at the moment. Facebook plays home to a billion users, and it also owns other popular platforms like WhatsApp and Instagram. Now it seems that the FTC is feeling that maybe Facebook has too much of a monopoly on social media, and wants to break them up.

Apple HIt With Lawsuit Over The Apple Watch’s ECG Monitor
The Apple Watch’s ECG feature seems to be a hit. While some doctors remain skeptical about the feature, we’ve come across multiple stories in the past about how the ECG monitoring tool actually helped save the lives of quite a few users by alerting them to irregular heart beats.

TikTok Continues To Remain ‘Safe’ In The US For Now
Back in November, we reported that TikTok’s ban in the US had been delayed. This was due to several factors, one of which is an impending lawsuit where TikTok creators are suing to keep the company from being banned. However, there was still a deadline in effect that was supposed to end on the 4th of December.

FTC Warns Of New Robocall Scam Targeting Apple And Amazon Users
Phishing attacks and scam calls aren’t new, but given that scammers are trying all kinds of ways to sound more convincing than ever, it’s not surprising that people still fall for them these days even though such scams are well-documented. That being said, it seems that a new robocall scam is making its rounds, this time seemingly targeting Apple and Amazon users.

Apple Forced To Include Charger For iPhones Sold In Brazil
Moving forwards with the brand new iPhone 12, Apple will no longer include charging bricks with its iPhones. The company cites environmental reasons for the move, although we suppose that increased profit margins are another reason too. However, it seems that over in Brazil, Apple will have no choice but to include it with the iPhone.

Spotify Patents A Tool To Help Prevent Songwriter Plagiarism
Given that there are only so many notes in music, it is possible that some songs could end up sounding similar to each other. In some instances, this has led to accusations of plagiarism which could get ugly real fast and cost a lot of money. To help musicians avoid this problem, it seems that Spotify has created a tool that can deal with that.

US FCC Has Confirmed That ZTE Poses A National Security Threat
For years, Chinese companies like Huawei and ZTE have supplied communications equipment to various countries around the world, but in the past few years, the attitude towards those companies have started to shift, most notably in the US where there has been a growing distrust towards these companies.

Apple Really Doesn’t Want To Pay VirnetX $500 Million
In the past, we’ve come across many patent troll related lawsuits, where a company that owns a patent that is vaguely similar to a technology or product used by another company will sue that company over alleged infringement. The goal is to try and get these companies to quickly settle the matter instead of fighting a long and drawn out court battle.

Amazon And US Government Team Up To Fight Counterfeit Goods
The problem with buying things online is that usually all you have to work with are photos. Sometimes these photos don’t really represent the product accurately, as many of us have probably experienced, and sometimes, you might even get a counterfeit product that is marketed as the real deal.

Apple Agrees To Pay $113 Million Settlement Over ‘Batterygate’
For years, many have suspected and speculated that iPhones slow down over time as a result of Apple purposely making their devices slower to force customers to upgrade. It might seem like a wild conspiracy, but this was kind of proven to be true when Apple did admit that they throttled older iPhones.

TikTok’s Ban Has Been Temporarily Delayed
By today, by all accounts, TikTok should have been banned in the US. However, it looks like the company is enjoying a temporary stay of execution. According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, it seems that the US Department of Commerce will not be pushing through the order that would have forced TikTok to shut down in the US.

Did The US Government ‘Forget’ About Banning TikTok?
As many of you might have heard, TikTok is facing an impending ban by the current US government. There was a lot of talk about this a few months back, but as the ban looms in sight, it seems that the US government has “forgotten” about it, or rather, the government seems to be “ghosting” TikTok.