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Police Pull Over A Drunk Driver, Turns Out To Be A Self-Driving Car
In order to make self-driving cars work, these cars usually come with a host of sensors and cameras that attempt to “see” the road, analyze it, look out for obstacles, and so on. This is what helps self-driving cars stay in their lane and avoid getting into accidents. However, the tech is far from perfect yet, which is why in some cases, self-driving cars can behave a bit erratically.

Cellebrite Phone Unlocking Tool Helps Brazilian Police Arrest Murder Suspects
There is quite a lot of controversy surrounding tools like Cellebrite that is said to be capable of unlocking a locked smartphone, like an iPhone. This tool is mostly used by law enforcement as a way to unlock a smartphone and retrieve potential evidence in cases, but the argument is that this should not be allowed.

A Fugitive Was Caught After Police Discovered His YouTube Cooking Channel
When you’re on the run from the police, it seems like common sense that you would try to lay low and not create a high profile to avoid getting caught, right? However, Marc Feren Claude Biart, an alleged member of Italy’s ‘Ndrangheta crime syndicate, somehow couldn’t stay out of the public light which ultimately led to him getting arrested in the Dominican Republic.

Class Action Lawsuit Against Apple Over MacBook Butterfly Keyboard Has Been Certified
A few years ago, Apple attempted to reinvent the laptop keyboard by introducing what they called the butterfly switch mechanism. This was supposed to result in an even thinner keyboard. Unfortunately, it was found that the switch’s design was pretty bad and led to many issues involving keyboard failure.


Apple Fined $2 Million In Brazil For Not Including Chargers With The iPhone
With the iPhone 12, Apple made a controversial decision where they opted to not include a charger with the iPhone. Instead, they supplied customers with a charging cable that can be used with pretty much any USB charger, which we suppose is fair. The company’s justification was that this is better for the environment, although a skeptic might claim it’s just a cash grab.

Apple Allows Russia To Preinstall Apps On The iPhone
One of the things iPhone users can appreciate is how Apple does not allow others to preinstall apps on it. This is versus Android devices in which handset makers or carriers might introduce their own apps on the phone even if users don’t want it or like it. However, that will change over in Russia.

Mom Uses Deepfake Video To Frame Her Daughter’s Cheerleading Rivals
It goes without saying that with the surprising accuracy of deepfake videos, it’s not hard to imagine that they could be used for nefarious purposes and could present a host of legal issues in the future. Take for example Raffaela Spone from Pennsylvania, who used deepfake technology to allegedly frame her daughter’s cheerleading rivals.

Google Is On The Hook For Lawsuit Over Chrome’s Incognito Tracking
Google’s Chrome Incognito mode has been largely assumed by many to mean that while using the feature, you shouldn’t be able to be tracked, right? Unfortunately, it seems that the feature wasn’t as private as one would have liked which led to a class action lawsuit being filed against the company.

Man Escapes Prison, Gets Caught After Going Out To Buy Call Of Duty
We imagine that escaping from prison is hard, which is why you would think that someone who escaped from jail would try harder to not get caught. However, that wasn’t the case with Clint Butler who was serving a 17-year sentence for robbery and firearm based offenses. Butler had escaped from Spring Hill Prison in Buckinghamshire back in November last year, but his escape did not last long.

Apple Sued In Australia Over Exploding iPhone X
As our phones rely on lithium-ion batteries, it means that there is a chance, no matter how small, that they could explode. This could be due to a variety of reasons, but it is still quite scary to think about. Unfortunately for a man in Australia, Robert De Rose, his iPhone X exploded while it was in his pocket, resulting in him suffering second-degree burns.

‘Sign In With Apple’ Hit With Antitrust Complaints
One of the features Apple introduced in recent times is called “Sign in with Apple”. Basically this provides users with an alternative to other sign-in options like using Facebook or Google, but now it seems that the company has been hit with antitrust complaints over the feature, according to a report from The Information (paywall).

Citibank Wires $500 Million By Mistake, Judge Says They Can’t Get It Back
If you were accidentally sent money intended for someone or something else, the right thing to do would be to send it back, right? There are laws in place to prevent people from misusing these types of accidental transfers, but it seems that Citibank has found themselves in a sticky situation where they are most likely out $500 million.

Facebook Just Banned Australians From Sharing And Viewing News On Its Platform
Australia is currently trying to pass a law in which it would make it so that websites like Facebook and Google would have to pay news publishers in order to use their posts on their platforms. Unfortunately for Australians, it seems that Facebook isn’t interested in doing that and the company has since banned users in Australia from viewing or sharing news on its platform.

Qualcomm Is Objecting To NVIDIA’s Acquisition Of ARM
Last year, it was reported that NVIDIA was getting ready to acquire ARM from SoftBank in a deal that was said to be worth $40 billion. Initially there were rumors and speculation that Apple might be interested given how the company is now making their own chipsets, but it seems that NVIDIA would be the one landing the deal.

Microsoft Thinks The US Government Should Make Big Tech Companies Pay For News
It’s a bit of a chicken and egg situation right now when it comes to news publishers and platforms like Google and Facebook. One could argue that without Google or Facebook, publishers might have less reach than they would today. Another argument is that without these articles, Google or Facebook would have less content that would make their services so invaluable.

TikTok’s Sale To A US Company Has Been Put On Hold
Back in 2020, it felt like TikTok’s days of operating in the US was numbered as the administration back then wanted to ban the app. However, they did offer a compromise in which ByteDance, TikTok’s owner, could sell off TikTok to a US based company. Several companies were considered, but nothing was finalized.

Newly Proposed Bill Could Force Apple To Allow Users To Sideload Apps
All operating systems can be hit with malware, but one of the advantages Apple has over Google is that they are strict with their apps and users cannot download apps from third-party app stores or sideload them, at least not officially. This means that there are less chances that users could accidentally download an app with malware hidden in it.

iPhone’s Health App Used As Evidence In Murder Trial
Our smartphones contain a lot of information about us, some of which we might not even be aware of, which in some instances might actually be useful when trying to prove and solve a crime. A good example would be in the recent trial of Jeff West, a man accused of killing his wife, Kat West.

UK Government Could Consider Banning Scalping
Whenever there is something short on supply but high in demand, without a doubt there will be people around to take advantage of that. A good example would be the Sony PS5 consoles in which Sony is trying to churn out as many units as possible, but scalpers have somehow managed to evade checks and bought up a ton of units and have resold them at twice the cost.

Robinhood Sued After 20-Year Old Trader Took His Own Life
Stock trading app Robinhood has been around for quite a while now, although the app recently rose to prominence after a bunch of Redditors decided to invest heavily into GameStop’s stocks, causing the value of the stocks to rise, which in turn caused a lot of other investors to incur huge losses as they had taken a short position on the stock.