Some Snapchat Employees Abused Their Position To Spy On Users

The problem with online services is that your data is at the mercy of the company controlling the service. For the most part, many of us assume that there are safeguards in place to prevent access to our personal data, but unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. In a report from Motherboard, it has been found that some Snapchat employees had abused their position to spy on users.

Apple Will Notify Customers If iPhone Upgrades Could Lead To Slowdowns

A couple of years ago, Apple landed themselves in trouble when it was discovered that older iPhones were being throttled via software updates. According to Apple, they justified this by saying that due to degrading battery health, without the throttling of the iPhone’s speed, it can lead to the phone shutting down at random.

California Considers Facial Recognition Ban On Police Body Cams

Facial recognition is kind of at an awkward phase right now. While there is no doubt a lot of use for the technology, such as identifying criminals who are on the run, not many are receptive to the idea that they might be walking around and being recognized by security cameras without their consent or knowledge.

Washington Is The First US State To Make Human Composting Legal

Nature can sometimes be scary in times of natural disasters, but it is also wondrous and amazing, like when organic waste can be broken down and used as fertilizer for other things. For example, used tea bags and coffee grounds are used quite frequently when it comes to home-made composts.


Huawei Granted Temporary Reprieve by US Commerce Department

As many of you would have heard by now, Huawei has run into some trouble with the US government where they were blacklisted from doing business with US companies, such as Google. While it might seem like this is more about “punishing” Huawei, the reality is that it will affect everyone.

US Government Now Warns That Drones Could Be Sending Data Back To China

Recently, the US government seems to be cracking down on Chinese companies who are involved in the communications infrastructure in the US and also their allies. Huawei is one of the more recent casualties where due to the US government’s blacklisting, Google, Intel, and Qualcomm have since suspended their business dealings with them.

Huawei Officially Responds To Android Ban

Earlier, it was reported that following the US government’s decision to blacklist Huawei from doing business with US companies, Google confirmed that due to this decision, they would be suspending their business dealings with the company. This was a huge deal as it effectively cut off future Huawei devices from access to Google’s services and also Android.

Qualcomm And Intel To Cease Business Dealings With Huawei

As you might have heard, Google had recently confirmed that they will no longer be doing business with Huawei following the US government blacklisting the Chinese company. It seems that they are not alone because in a report from Bloomberg, other companies are now following suit as well.

Google Suspends Business With Huawei Following US Government’s Blacklisting

Huawei is in all sorts of trouble. According to a report from Reuters, it seems that Google has suspended their business dealings with the company following the US government officially blacklisting Huawei. What this means is that Huawei will no longer have access to US businesses such as Google, which also includes access to Android.

Passenger Impaled By Tripod Throw Off An Overpass

There are reasons why throwing things off an overpass is illegal. Not only is this littering, but it can cause accidents as well since drivers might not be able to see things coming and avoid them in time. More recently, it seems that a man by the name of Tim Page had narrowly avoided death after a tripod was throw off an overpass where it smashed through the windshield of […]

Man Arrested In London After Trying To Avoid Facial Recognition Cameras

There are benefits to using facial recognition technology, but it is clear that using it in a public space can make people feel uncomfortable as it does come across as being an invasion of their privacy. This is why there are some cities in the world, such as San Francisco, that have banned the use of the tech in public spaces.

McDonald’s Austria Is Now Offering Consular Services For US Citizens

It can be a scary experience when you travel to a new country that you’ve never been to before. This is because it can sometimes be a bit of a culture shock to see people behave and do things that you’re not used to back home. In some instances, this can get a bit messy and problematic where some travelers might run into some issues.

San Francisco Has Just Banned Facial Recognition Technology

Facial recognition tech is a bit iffy in the sense that while it might be useful and quite amazing in terms of it being a technological feat, there are privacy concerns surrounding it. After all, why would anyone want to be continuously recognized by computers while walking out on the street, right?

Bad Update Crashes Hundreds Of Police Ankle Monitors

Ankle monitors are useful for keeping track of people who are under house arrest. It means that police will know at all times where the person is, and is much more efficient than sticking a couple of officers on them all day. However, the ankle monitors need to work in order for it to be effective, which for a brief moment wasn’t the case.