Spain Wants To Ban Gas & Diesel Car Sales In 2040

These days we’re starting to see more car makers make the shift towards production of electric and hybrid cars in a bid to reduce the amount of gas we consume. While having a wider variety to choose from definitely helps with adoption, the fact that gas and diesel powered cars are still available means that some customers will continue to choose such cars over greener models.

Man Sues Adobe Over Bug That Deleted His Work

Way back in the early days of productivity software, should your computer or software suddenly crash, all your work would be lost. However these days developers have built-in tools that constantly backup your data to ensure that if something unexpected happens, you will have the backup to restore your work from.

Couple To Pay Nintendo $12 Million For Running Illegal ROM Site

There are gamers out there who flat out refuse to pay for games, instead choosing to find various means and methods to get a game for free, even if it results in piracy. Unsurprisingly this has allowed a piracy market to thrive, although it seems that the internet is now free of at least one ROM website.

Facebook To Allow French Regulators To Observe How They Combat Hate Speech

Facebook has come under fire multiple times over how it handles hate speech and other similar types of content. This isn’t to say that Facebook is doing nothing about it, but rather many seem to feel that Facebook isn’t working quickly enough to prevent or remove such content from its platform.


Woman Accused Of Remotely Wiping iPhone To Destroy Evidence

If you’ve ever lost an iOS device or had it stolen, then you might be familiar with the Find My iPhone feature that lets you either remotely lock your device, locate it, or remotely wipe it. This is useful if you don’t want people to know what’s on your device and if you want to lock it to prevent people from reselling it.

Judge Orders Amazon To Hand Over Echo Data In Homicide Case

While smart devices like the Amazon Echo are great for controlling your smart home objects, finding information online using your voice, and so on, there are some who might also be concerned regarding their privacy, where such smart speakers are typically always-listening which has led some to be worried about having their conversations recorded.

Instagram Influencer Sued For Not Promoting Snap’s Spectacles

Social media platforms such as Instagram are used for advertising purposes, although sometimes these ads don’t really come across as ads thanks to companies hiring “influencers” to promote them in a more natural manner. This could be as simple as them being seen in public using/wearing a product.

Apple To Investigate Alleged Illegal Labor For Apple Watch

Apple has come under fire in the past where it has been pointed out that a few of Apple’s suppliers and manufacturing partners have used illegal labor, namely workers who are below the legal working age. To Apple’s credit they have worked swiftly to deal with this issues, but it looks like the problem has reared its ugly head again.

You Can Now Legally Hack Your Device’s DRM To Fix It

In recent times there has been proposals for the “right to repair”. Basically the idea is that customers shouldn’t be penalized if they choose to take their devices to a third-party repair service which is often cheaper than going through official channels. Now it looks like a new set of rules proposed by the Librarian of Congress and US Copyright Office has made it easier.

Samsung Also Hit With Fines For Allegedly Slowing Down Its Phones

It was recently reported that Apple had been hit with a fine for slowing down its older phones. However as it turns out Apple isn’t alone in receiving this fine because Samsung has also been hit with a similar fine for apparently issuing updates that allegedly slowed down the performance of its older phones.

Russian Celebrity Sued By Samsung For Using An iPhone

Companies such as Samsung tend to pay celebrities from time to time to endorse their products. However more often than not we’ve seen slipups from various celebrities where they seem to be promoting a particular handset/brand on their social media pages, only to reveal that they were using Apple’s iPhone to do the promotions all along.

Bethesda & Microsoft Come Down Hard On Gamer Who Broke Fallout 76 NDA

NDAs are serious things and breaking them can have serious consequences. This is because sometimes NDAs are put into place to prevent information from being leaked to a competitor who might then try to come out with a product before the company does. It can also sometimes paint the product in a bad way, especially if it is a prototype or beta that is being shown.

Despite Nintendo’s Legal Victory, Japan’s Faux Mario Kart Continues To Operate

For those who have visited Tokyo or Osaka, you might be familiar with or have at least seen people dressed in costumes from the Mario franchise driving around the streets in go karts. You could almost be fooled into thinking that this was some kind of official Mario Kart service provided by Nintendo, but it isn’t.

FCC Wants Those Affected By Hurricane Michael To Switch Carriers Without Penalties

Boasting about wide coverage is all well and good under normal circumstances, but what happens during an emergency? Are carriers prepared for such instances where they might have infrastructures in place that helps keep communication alive and well in the event of an emergency?