FCC okays KTS Agility Data Radio, the first white space broadband deviceA broadband device, most people know, but what about a “white space” broadband device? Here is a little bit of background information – September 2007 saw the general public hearing about “white space” broadband devices for the first time through a bunch of TV advertisements that were produced by TV broadcaster groups to generally scare the pants off viewers, and statements like “Digital television means you can watch your favorite shows with a crystal-clear picture. But if some high-tech companies like Microsoft get their way, your picture could freeze and become unwatchable,” certainly do not help. Nice to see the engineers at the FCC have far more intestinal fortitude than most, and after four long years of regulatory combat, they have approved the rollout of the first authorized “white space” device. Developed by KTS (Koos Technologies) from Florida, the KTS Agility Data Radio is a “software-defined radio that offers unparalleled flexibility” as it “can access more spectrum and support more throughput than any radio product on the market today.”

Measuring 3.5″ x 5″ x 1.4″, the KTS Agility Data Radio tips the scales at nearly 0.75lbs, and is capable of service data rates of up to 4Mbps and taking on channel sizes up to 5MHz. Do you think that unleashing the white space spectrum, touted to be the last frontier when it comes to unlicensed spectrum, will be able to deliver in terms of economic benefits to the tune of billions of dollars?

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