If you’re the type that uses laptops extensively or if it is your main computer, you might want to take a look at GlacialTech’s SnowPad series of laptop cooling solutions. The company has recently announced both the SnowPad N1 and SnowPad H2 laptop cooling docks that will accommodate laptops up to 17” in size.


The name of the company along with their SnowPad offerings gives off the illusion that their laptop cooling docks will be more than adequate at keeping your laptop cool and not overheat, although we can’t be sure if it actually lives up to its name. Both the N1 and H2 will come a 160mm fan that the company claims is silent when in action, and will go up to speeds of 900 RPM or so it has been claimed.

The difference between the N1 and H2 is that the N1 was designed for the stationary user in mind. It will feature a full range metal mesh with multi-air inlets along with 2 USB port extenders. The H2 on the other hand appears to have been designed for the traveller in mind as it can be folded flat and will come with 8 adjustable height levels. Unfortunately no word on how much either laptop cooling solution will cost you.

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