Being on the battlefield to deliver people from a tyrant, or to protect one’s country is a noble, albeit extremely dangerous occupation. You might take all the necessary precautions, but sometimes, bullets do find their mark. Battlefield blasts that have left soldiers dazed could eventually end up as a fatal situation if there is any bleeding happening in the brain, and the proper diagnosis is not made to treat it in time. Well, the US military might see less casualties from such situations after the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) approved the first handheld device which is capable of detecting life-threatening brain bleeding.

This Infrascanner will be battery-powered, carrying the capabilities of a hospital’s computed tomography (CT) machines in the palm of one’s hands. It takes but a quick diagnosis for the medic to make a call which might mean a world of difference between life and death, even when under tense situations. Hopefully such advancements would see less of our men and women in uniform come back in a flag draped coffin.

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