Remember the super cheap home computer known as the Raspberry Pi, where it is touted to carry a mere $25 price tag? It always feels good to be the bearer of good news, and we have heard that this $25 machine is ready to enter production. Just what kind of processor will the Raspberry Pi hold? It seems to rely on an ARM chip which is somewhat similar to the ones found in phones, and will have a variant of the Linux open source operating system running within instead. Currently, test versions of finished devices are being investigated to see whether there is anything wrong with them, and once the green light is given, expect to see volume production begin from January onwards.

The Raspberry Pi home computer is an interesting concept, since it intends to bring make the computer accessible across all layers of society. Surely scrounging around for $25 is not too hard to ask, never mind the fact that the dollar is constantly shrinking in value? There will be two configurations for the finished device, where Model A retails for $25 and misses out on a network connector, while Model B is going for $35, sporting an Ethernet port in the process.

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