Thanks to inventions like Raspberry Pi, it has become considerably easier for DIY tinkerers to come up with their own computing solutions and gadgets. Granted sometimes it doesn’t have the same polished look or feel as a finished product put out by a bigger company, but the freedom and fun that comes with creating something of your own is hard to beat.

It is also why Intel decided to try and get in on the action by launching their own IoT chipsets and boards, but unfortunately it looks like the company’s efforts have come to an end. In a report from ZDNet, it looks like Intel has killed off quite a few products that are part of its IoT efforts, which includes the Galileo, Joule, and Edison computing modules, giving the impression that maybe Intel might want to focus their resources on other projects.

However developers who are still interested will have until the 16th of September to place their orders, after Intel will no longer be selling them to the public. Shipments of the modules will also be coming to an end on the 16th of December. It does not appear that Intel has given a reason why these product lineups were cancelled, so for now it’s really anyone’s guess as to why this is happening.

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