The Raspberry Pi is likely going to be the go-to board for most people who want a homebrew-friendly board for do-it-yourself projects but ASUS has now come out with its own tiny board to capture a segment of this market. ASUS calls it the Tinker Board, which is a very appropriate name for such a device, and while it’s almost the same size as a Raspberry Pi it does challenge the board with 4K video support.

ASUS Tinker Board features a quadcore Rockchip processor that’s capable of playing 4K video and 24 bit audio. It’s going to be the perfect board for use in integrations like a small media center.

2GB of onboard RAM means it has twice the amount of memory as the Raspberry Pi. It also features gigabit Ethernet and the latest generation of SDIO for add-on boards. Even though it offers more features than its rival, the ASUS Tinker Board isn’t that expensive.

The company is just asking $68 for the Tinker Board. What might stop DIYers from purchasing this board over the Raspberry Pi is that this new board doesn’t have years of developer and fan support that the Pi does.

Nevertheless, much like the Raspberry Pi, the ASUS Tinker Board also runs on a version of Debian Linux and has support for Kodi which enables media streaming around the home.

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