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This Keyboard Also Doubles Up As A Raspberry Pi Computer
While the Raspberry Pi series of computers aren’t always known to be the most powerful, they are pretty small and relatively self-contained, making them ideal for DIY projects that need to be powered by a computer. However, it looks like The Foundation is taking Raspberry Pi to the next level with the Raspberry Pi 400.

Raspberry Pi 4 Brings Support For 4K And 4GB Of RAM
The Raspberry Pi Foundation today announced the fourth version of its tiny computer. The Raspberry Pi 4 retains the form factor that many of us have now become familiar with but gets improved specs overall. There’s a faster CPU and GPU in addition to faster Ethernet. There’s even support for 4K.

New Raspberry Pi 3 Board Brings More Power
The Raspberry Pi Foundation has sold millions of its affordable computing boards and it continues to refresh the range to enable people to do more with these boards. The flagship Raspberry Pi 3 board has been upgraded today and it brings more power and improved networking. The Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ will certainly help the Foundation to sell a lot more units of its affordable computing boards.

It Looks Like Intel Is Giving Up On Competing With Raspberry Pi
Thanks to inventions like Raspberry Pi, it has become considerably easier for DIY tinkerers to come up with their own computing solutions and gadgets. Granted sometimes it doesn’t have the same polished look or feel as a finished product put out by a bigger company, but the freedom and fun that comes with creating something of your own is hard to beat.


Raspberry Pi Zero W Offers Wi-Fi And Bluetooth For Just $10
Raspberry Pi is a great barebones computer for those who like to tinker and create stuff and while it’s unusual for us to see major hardware announcements about it, we do get one once every now and then and the latest one certainly demands our attention. There’s a new credit card-sized board out called the Raspberry Pi Zero W and it offers both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for just $10.

ASUS Tinker Board Challenges Raspberry Pi With 4K Video
The Raspberry Pi is likely going to be the go-to board for most people who want a homebrew-friendly board for do-it-yourself projects but ASUS has now come out with its own tiny board to capture a segment of this market. ASUS calls it the Tinker Board, which is a very appropriate name for such a device, and while it’s almost the same size as a Raspberry Pi it does challenge […]

Linux-Based Pixel OS Released For PC and Mac By Raspberry Pi
The Raspberry Pi Foundation has released an experimental version of its Linux-based Pixel operating system for Windows and Mac PCs. It’s part of the foundation’s intention that the Raspberry Pi should be a full-featured desktop computer with a $35 price tag. Pixel was originally designed to run only on the Raspberry Pi board. It now features the Chromium web browser as well as a set of productivity and coding software.

Official Android Raspberry Pi Support Could Be In The Pipeline
It looks like the worlds of Raspberry Pi and Android are about to collide, as the folks over at Google do seem to prime themselves to roll out an official Android Open Source Project port for the Raspberry Pi 3, now how about that for folks who would like to introduce their little ones to developing their own machines and programs?

Raspberry Pi Gets An 8 Megapixel Camera From Sony
The Raspberry Pi is a perfect little computer which in the hands of a developer can prove to be very capable. It has been refreshed multiple times over the past few years and several accessories have also been released for it. The latest accessory is much better than the first official accessory for the Raspberry Pi which was a 5 megapixel camera module from Omnivision.

Game Boy Mod Works Like Magic
Playing classic Nintendo games, especially those of the Game Boy variety, should not be a strange experience to say the least, as there are many different emulators that are out there in the market. Wermy, however, has a different take on the original Game Boy – as he came up with a Game Boy Zero mod that you can see above.

Raspberry Pi Releases The $5 Zero Computer
The UK-based Raspberry Pi quickly became popular because of its very cheap programmable computer. Over the years the Raspberry Pi has grown even more powerful and yet remained incredibly affordable for people who like to make stuff. Now Raspberry Pi has yet another nifty little programmable computer for us and this one is the cheapest it has ever made, called the Raspberry Pi Zero, this little computer only costs $5.

Raspberry Pi Opens Door For Bespoke Model
The Raspberry Pi is no doubt a wonder when it comes to personal computing that is small enough to be brought with you just about anywhere, and it seems that if you are able to purchase at least 3,000 of these units, then you will be given the option to settle for a bespoke model. According to manufacturer element14, they will be offering the customization of these highly affordable computing […]

Official Touchscreen For Raspberry Pi Available Now
It was nearly two years ago when the folks behind Raspberry Pi started looking for a simple, embeddable display for the nifty little computer. At the time it was believed that this endeavor won’t need more than six months but it ended up taking a lot more time than expected. The team were met with a number of issues and other product launches diverted its attention from the display but they’ve […]

Fallout Fan Creates Real-Life Fallout Pip-Boy Wearable
Last month Bethesda announced during E3 that they would be selling a special edition of Fallout 4 which would come with a Pip-Boy wearable. However this wearable is more of a holster for your smartphone as opposed to what the actual Pip-Boy might be like in real-life, which is what Redditor TheMCV has done.

Raspberry Pi Maker Is Biggest UK Computer Maker, Ever
The verdict is out, the Raspberry Pi Foundation might just be the biggest computer manufacturer ever in the UK. With 5 million units sold in a mere 3 years of its founding, hard not to see that the price tag of $25-$35 for the mini ARM GNU/Linux computers had played a huge role in the success story. $35 is for the Model B and $25 for Model A, making the […]

Raspberry Pi 2 Revealed
DIY enthusiasts who would love nothing better than to tinker around with a brand new mini computer on your own, here is some news that you might find to be a wonderful start to a brand new week – I am referring to the recently announced Raspberry Pi 2, of course, where there are no prizes for guessing as to which model it will succeed. This particular mini computer innard […]

Microsoft To Release Windows 10 For Raspberry Pi 2
Very recently, the new Raspberry Pi 2 company was announced, and while the first version was a hit amongst DIY-ers, modders, and educators, we reckon the second one should be of even greater interest, and why is this? Because Microsoft has recently announced that they will be officially supporting Raspberry Pi 2.Prior to this, users who wanted to install Microsoft’s Windows operating system on the device had to turn to […]

Apple Extended Keyboard Runs With A Raspberry Pi B+ Heart
The Raspberry Pi has seen its fair share of hacks in the past, including that of a baby monitor, but here we are with yet another one that ought to bridge the gap between the old and the new. How about making use of one of the more notable keyboards of all time, and transforming it into a portable computer? We are referring to the vintage Apple Extended Keyboard (AEK) […]

Raspberry Pi Introduces Cheaper And Smaller Model A+
When the Raspberry Pi foundation announced the Model B+ back in July it did confirm that work was going on a low-cost model that will be comparable in certain respects to the original Model A. Today the Foundation has finally made the announcement. It is called the Raspberry Pi Model A+ and it happens to be smaller and cheaper than its predecessor.

Pi-Top 3D Printed Raspberry-Powered Laptop
When it comes to the world of 3D printing, there has been a fair number of advances made over the past couple of years, so much so that even a steel-coated bullet will work just fine with a 3D printed gun as we discovered earlier this week. This just goes to show how 3D printing continues to move forward and onward regardless of the field it is involved in, ranging […]