The next time you are about to embark on a LAN party, you might want to give thought to what this Google engineer did in his revamp of his pad, turning it into what he calls the “Ultimate LAN Party House”. Kenton Varda, a Google software engineer, moved into his dream home since March earlier this year, but has decidedly turned it into a gaming haven for Bring Your Own PC (BYOC) events, where a dozen fold-out PC stations have been built into the walls for easy storage, and are equally split between two rooms so that team vs team matches can be held in complete privacy. These stations will hold a monitor, mouse and keyboard, where the physical machines will be placed in yet another room, connected to a server machine.

Varda decided to go for a hardware configuration which achieved a balance of price and performance during his “renovation”, but since he does not own multiple copies of each game, those who drop by his place are required to log into their personal Steam or accounts in order to get cracking with their own licensed copies. It would be interesting to see what kind of power consumption his house nets each month, and it is nice to hear that he is working on a more eco-friendly slant with future installations.

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