With so many car manufacturers starting to turn towards hybrid vehicles or full electric vehicles, it seems that the US military has decided to go green as well in an effort to reduce their dependence on traditional fuel sources. This has resulted in a pair of solar-powered hybrid Humvees called the FED Alpha and the FED Bravo, with the latter still remaining somewhat classified at the moment.

The FED (Fuel Efficient Ground Vehicle Demonstrator) is currently under the development, and like we said the FED Bravo remains a mystery for now, although Army spokespeople have compared the vehicle to a plug-in hybrid much like the Chevy Volt. The FED Alpha on the other hand would be a Humvee equipped with a solar panel mounted on the rear hatch to help power its electrical systems.

It would also feature a Cummins turbo-charged 4-cylinder 200-horsepower diesel engine, six-speed transmission system and low-rolling resistance tires. According to TARDEC (Tank and Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Command), these specifications alone would present a 70% saving in fuel while supposedly providing the same performance as a traditional Humvee. Pretty impressive claims and it will be interesting to see how it would perform in a real life scenario.

[Image credit – TARDEC]

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