Empire Brands’ Wicked Audio has unveiled their next version of headphones that are said to offer mind-blowing audio – the Solus headphones. In Latin, it means “Be Yourself”, so do maintain your own personality when you check it out at CES 2012 if you are heading to Vegas early next month. Touted to be the “next big thing” from Wicked Audio, the company proudly proclaims that this pair of headphones offer the highest quality design as well as most impeccable sound to date.

It will also stand out from the rest of the crowd by virtue of it being the first Wicked Audio product of 2012 which will come with the company’s spanking new packaging. You will be able to pick these up in a black/red dual-colored design, where a thick braided cord delivers on-the-go convenience. Not only that, the headphones will ship with a built-in volume control and a DJ switch, letting you make the jump from DJ to stereo sound in a jiffy. How much do you need to fork out for this pair? A Benjamin is a fair trade.

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