When you think of Rode, chances are you think of microphones because honestly, that’s pretty much what the company is known for. However, it seems that Rode is expanding its product lineup as they have announced their latest product offering in the form of the NTH-100, the company’s first pair of headphones.

Yup, if you somehow thought that Rode would have already launched a pair of headphones, they haven’t, at least until now. However, the NTH-100s are really more of a studio pair of headphones rather than something more consumer-grade, meaning that they’re designed for podcasters or creators that deal primarily with audio.

According to Rode, they have designed the drivers in the headphones to have an accurate frequency response and according to the initial impressions of the headphones, they are quite neutral sounding. This is important for professionals who need to hear the sound as it is, instead of a sound that’s already been processed to feature more low-ends, for example.

The headphones also sport a rather simple design and use Alcantara as the choice of materials for the earpads, with “CoolTech” gel underneath to help make it more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. These are wired headphones too, so for those hoping for a wireless option, maybe that might be an option for the future. The Rode NTH-100 is priced at $150 and is available for purchase via Rode’s website.

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