When it comes to the sound of your headphones, there are several factors that come into play that can affect the sound you’re hearing. Obviously the source material would be one of them, then the drivers and hardware used by the headphones, and there is also software like the way the company has tuned the headphones.

This means that sometimes, a pair of headphones might actually sound better for certain genres of music compared to others. However, users can always tweak this further using EQs, which is something that Bose is now introducing to their Bose QC45 headphones that previously had to rely on automatic EQ adjustments.

In theory that would actually be great if the EQ worked as it should, but given the wide variety of music out there, the way they are mixed, and so on, it would be impossible to please everyone. However, the latest firmware update will now introduce customizable EQs into the Bose Music app, giving users more control over their headphones.

While the automatic EQ adjustments might still be preferable if you listen to a wide variety of music genres, at least having the option to customize the EQ is a good thing as it gives users more flexibility, so keep an eye out for this update if this is something you have been waiting for.

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