China’s Youngman JNP6250G is one huge bus

Youngman JNP6520G busHow big does a bus need to be? Well, it needs to be pretty big if its aim is to help cut down traffic congestion in the world’s most populated country, China. That’s where the Youngman JNP6520G busses come in. Touted as the world’s largest busses, these 82-feet long behemoths have been commissioned to ferry the people of Beijing and Hangzhou to and from their destinations, cutting down the amount of cars on the road which in turn reduces the air pollution in the country.

The Youngman JNP6250G features only 40 passenger seats, but has the capacity to fit at least 300 people. Five doors ensure that people won’t have to walk all the way to the end of the bus in order to get off, and widened aisles allow easy accessibility for wheelchairs. Dedicated highway lanes also let the bus cruise along congested roads – not that anybody would like to obstruct traffic when a bus this large is in the rear view mirror anyway.

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