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Hammer In Hand Allows Straphangers To Break Windows With Ease
Commuters know just how dangerous their travels can be if they find themselves in a bus, subway or train that has stopped functioning properly or there’s an absolute emergency, forcing you to leave through a window. Many forms of public transportation have ways where passengers can simply push out a window, but if those aren’t functioning properly, you’re going to have to break a window or two. That’s where the […]

Willie Bus Concept Might Change City’s Landscape In The Future
Don’t you just love the kind of freedom associated with concepts when they are thought up of without any of the restrictions of the real world? Want to make a concept of a smartphone? That’s easy, assuming you are using some sort of arc reactor equivalent technology that means your smartphone need not be charged throughout its entire lifetime. Well, a certain Tad Orlowski has come up with the Willie […]

Japanese Space Buses Go To Infinity And Beyond
We’ve seen Chinese space capsule hotels which includes your own robot butler, but driving there in a regular vehicle is something that will probably take you out of the entire experience. Thankfully, Japan has come along with their own space bus that looks like you’ve stepped into a futuristic spacecraft.

Star Fighter Bus Tours: Astronauts On Earth!
Star Fighter bus tours make you feel as though you are traveling on a spaceship.


San Francisco Buses Shown In Live Map
San Francisco, being one of the more cosmopolitan cities around the world, has played host to its fair share of events and product launches in the past, is about to embark on something new yet again which is part of the excitement of this great and wonderful city. I am referring to this particular map that depicts the current position of San Francisco buses pulled from data at bus stops, […]

School Bus Driver Caught Texting While Driving
Texting while driving has been one activity a good majority of people realize is a terrible idea, and yet there are a number of us who can’t help but to take our eyes off the road for a few seconds to read and maybe respond to a text. But one thing we think we can all agree on is if you’re a school bus driver you should refrain from such […]

Germany Testing Electric Buses Capable Of Wireless Charging
When you consider how many people commute to work on a bus on a daily basis, you probably can’t help but think how much pollution they create as they continually drive around, dropping people off at their designated stops. We’ve seen the use of electric buses rise steadily over the years, but a German bus company is taking their electric buses one step further.Rhein-Neckar-Verkehr GmbH, or RNV for short, is attempting […]

China's Youngman JNP6250G is one huge bus
How big does a bus need to be? Well, it needs to be pretty big if its aim is to help cut down traffic congestion in the world’s most populated country, China. That’s where the Youngman JNP6520G busses come in. Touted as the world’s largest busses, these 82-feet long behemoths have been commissioned to ferry the people of Beijing and Hangzhou to and from their destinations, cutting down the amount […]

AutoTram: Bus or tram, you decide
It is rather interesting to note that sometimes, a particular device or in this case, mode of transportation comes in an unorthodox form factor that you might actually be confused to know which is its primary function and what is the secondary one. The AutoTram for example, is it a bus, tram or train, or all three rolled in one to create a new class of public transport? In such […]

Denso has better air-conditioning system for buses
Denso of Japan recently came up with a superior air-conditioning system for hybrid buses, thanks to the use of an integrated electric compressor which consumes around 50% less juice when compared to Denso’s previous system. This in turn results in improved operating efficiency without sacrificing passengers’ comfort levels. Since it works on a different principle when compared to engine-powered compressors, there are no engine belts to worry about as an […]

More+ Bus Handle Helps To Generate Energy
It’s amazing how much energy we’re wasting every day, but every now and then some concept design shows up to remind us that such energy can be captured, and the More+ Bus Handle is one such design. Instead of letting us waste of that energy when we’re holding the handle on the bus and bouncing around on our ride home, this design allows the energy to be collected, thanks to […]

Superbus Designed By Students Make Public Transportation Look Cool
It’s not often you hear something dubbed “super” and find out that it’s also an eco-oriented product, but that’s just what the Superbus is. The students at UT Delft in the Netherlands have come up with a prototype Superbus, which is an electric-powered machine, sporting a carbon fiber shell, low chassis, and 16 individual gull-wing doors. Thanks to its lithium-polymer battery pack that powers its motors (up to 800hp if […]