The carrot or the stick – which kind of motivation do you see yourself using when your kids are old enough to help out around the home with the myriad of chores? Many people say (and can testify) that the carrot works far more effectively than the stick, and since the digital age allows devices or apps to assist us in previously unimaginable ways, HighScore House could very well be the tool used by parents to encourage their progeny to do their chores. Not only that, doing chores around the home will no longer be boring as HighScore House is presented as a website and will feature an iPad app that children can use to keep track of and earn points for their chores.

Those points will obviously be counted for one reason – the proverbial carrot, and when the child picks up a popular reward such as ice cream for breakfast or riding shotgun in the car, it will ensure that there is motivation to continue with such behavior. Of course, creative parents can always think of their own methods to reward their kids for a job well done, but HighScore High makes life slightly easier, but you might just lose that spark of creativity in the process.

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