HP Compaq L2311c Notebook Docking Monitor[CES 2012] The HP L2311c Notebook Docking Monitor uses an interesting docking concept, and works with virtually any PC with a USB 2.0 or 3.0 port. At its core, the HP L2311c is a 23” LCD display (CCFL lighting), but upon connecting it to a laptop via a single USB port, the HP L2311c extends the capabilities of the connected notebook with Ethernet connectivity, USB 3.0+2.0 ports and a 720p HD webcam.


HP came up with this product because there are more and more people living a nomadic business lifestyle. They may be contractors, or folks who are working remotely half of the time, but what those users have in common is that they need to be up and running as fast as possible when they are assigned to a new cubicle or desk.

Most of the features will work with any laptop, but a couple will only work on an HP laptop. In terms of image quality, I found the HP L2311c to be decent, and clearly good enough for productivity work, but HP’s high-end IPS displays remain the best ones within HP. The HP L2311c starts at $319.

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