KDDI Android adWhile this news doesn’t affect us directly, it looks some folks in Japan have it bad with the carrier KDDI. It has been reported that the carrier recently started pushing adverts directly to Android devices of its customers after a recent update. And while some people might not mind the presence of adverts on their phones, most of them probably do but have no way of disabling it themselves (we’re not sure, but it’ll most likely require rooting and removal of the offending app or installation of a custom ROM) which is pretty inconsiderate of the carrier. Then again, I guess it’s also one of the pitfalls of Android – carriers and manufacturers are allowed to do anything they want to the operating system.

Hopefully this turns out to be just an experiment that dies soon, or doesn’t spread out of Japan. Unless there are some huge benefits to compensate for the ads, I doubt anybody would be interested in having them on their phones. What would you do if American carriers started pushing ads onto your phones?

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