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'Snaptube' Caught Serving Invisible Ads & Making Unauthorized Purchases
While there are malicious apps on the Play Store, you should stay away from sideloading apps from 3rd party sources by downloading the APK files.Of course, you must be knowing about the risks when you install an app from an unknown source.However, there are certain popular apps which people still rely on (even if they are not available on the Play Store). One of the examples for that is – […]

Facebook Will Ban Businesses With Bad Customer Service From Advertising
Ads on Facebook is a powerful resource for businesses trying to win new customers but it’s also common for bad shopping experiences to be enabled on Facebook through these ads. Facebook’s Community Standards and ad policies didn’t apply to this before and the company is now making some changes to that. The social network will ban businesses with bad customer service and repeated negative reviews from advertising.

Apple Reportedly Increasing Focus On Ad Sales Business
Recent reports from market research firms show that global smartphone sales are gradually declining. One of the reasons for that is the fact that premium smartphones are getting more expensive which means users are holding on to their expensive handsets for longer than they used to. This means there’s less money to be made in high-end smartphones now where profit margins are generally higher and for a company like Apple […]

Political Web Ads In New York Will Have To Reveal Who Paid For Them
Online political ads have come under the microscope following the 2016 U.S. presidential election which is said to have been influenced by a massive Russian misinformation campaign on social networking websites such as Facebook. As Facebook and other online networks take additional steps to ensure that something like this doesn’t happen again, states like New York are going one step further and now making it mandatory for online political ads […]


Google Play Store Video Ads Test Begins
Nobody likes seeing ads but they’re hard to avoid with free-to-use services. If you weren’t satisfied with being bombarded by ads while surfing the web or watching videos on YouTube, rejoice, because soon you may see ads in the Google Play Store as well. Not just any ads, mind you, Google is beta-testing video ads in the Play Store. Google has confirmed today that it’s testing a new ads format […]

YouTube's New 6-Second Ads Can't Be Skipped
We’re used to watching ads on YouTube. These pre-roll ads are played before the video starts, we have to wait for five seconds before the skip button pops up that allows us to continue to the video if we don’t want to watch the entire ad, and we rarely ever want to watch an entire ad. However, the new six-second ads that will soon go live on YouTube can’t be […]

How To Disable uTorrent Ads
uTorrent is a reputable program for downloading torrents, but it is also ad supported unlike many other torrent programs. After Acquiring uTorrent, BitTorrent, inc. added ads to generate some revenue from the torrent program. However, most people are not comfortable with ads on a desktop app, which is why BitTorrent, inc. made it optional.You do have the option to disable all the ads from your uTorrent client, but BitTorrent, inc. […]

Ben & Jerry's Hilariously Recreates Apple's 1984 Ad To Promote The BRRR-ito
If you were to make a list of some of the most iconic ads that have ever graced the television you’re likely to put Apple’s 1984 spot in the list. It was directed by Ridley Scott for the company’s first Macintosh, a device that had a massive impact on the world of personal computing. Ben & Jerry’s, the folks that make ice cream if you’re unaware, has hilariously recreated that iconic […]

Microsoft And Google Among Companies Paying AdBlock To Let Ads Through
AdBlock is a legitimate publisher’s nightmare because it blocks out their main sources of revenue. Sure the lure of an ad-free online browsing experience is enough to win people over but what many don’t understand is that most publishers, particularly those working on a small scale, depend heavily on revenue from sources like AdSense. AdBlock also eats into the revenues of ad serving companies but some have been able to get […]

Pop-Up Ads Inventor Apologizes
Let’s face it, if there was a list of the most annoying things to happen to you whenever you are online, it would be advertising. To make matters worse, pop up advertising irritates users to no end, but the question is this – who is the ‘genius’ behind pop up ads? Apparently, Ethan Zuckerman was the one behind this “invention”, having thought of it in the mid-1990s. Ethan claims that […]

London Police Uses Ad Switching To Fight Piracy
The great city of London, which has been promised to deliver 5G connectivity to the masses before the year 2020 clocks out and we usher in 2021, has yet another story that touches on the technological department. Basically, the police in London have come up with a new tactic to deal with websites that promote either piracy or illegal content. Basically, the whole idea behind this move is to stop […]

H&M Wants You To Vote For David Beckham Ad
February 2 happens to be slightly more than a week away, where it is Super Bowl Sunday. Football fans will know that the Broncos and Seahawks will come face to face in New Jersey, where the conditions are downright chilly at this point in time. Of course, as with all of the other great Super Bowl traditions, you can look forward to the fancy advertisements that are being prepared even […]

Facebook Ads Being Tested In Third-Party Apps
Advertisements are a major source of revenue for Facebook. There are a wide variety of options that potential advertisers can choose from, Page owners can pay Facebook to increase the visibility of their posts, while advertisers can even run ads on the world’s largest social network to direct traffic to external websites. Its ad platform is working very well inside the social network, but what if it was let loose on […]

Google Ads Blocked On Sites With Pirated Content
Do you think that Google themselves are getting too big for their own britches? Some might say so, while others think differently. The online search as well as advertising giant has decided to block Google Ads on websites that offer pirated content, which is seen as a good move by certain quarters in the industry. In fact, copyright holders are able to alert all of the big ad networks (Google […]

Facebook Video Ads Delayed Until Fall 2013 [Report]
Facebook's video ads is reportedly being delayed until later this fall.

Companies Pull Ad Campaigns From Facebook
Several companies have pulled their ad campaigns from Facebook after their ads appeared beside offensive content.

Tumblr Mobile Apps Will Now Display Ads
Tumblr, originally founded in 2007, has really cemented its place online over the past couple of years. Back in December last year Tumblr became one of the top search terms on Google surpassing the keyword “blog,” which has always been one of the highest ranking terms on this search engine. Earlier this year it announced some pretty amazing numbers, the service now hosts over 100 million blogs and more than 44.6 billion posts. […]

AT&T Ads From 1993 Were Frighteningly Accurate
They say that truth is stranger than fiction sometimes, and here we are with a throwback to 1993, a time when the SNES and Sega Megadrive have been duking it out big time for some time already (I still remember how the Megadrive’s version of Mortal Kombat was more popular because it came with red-colored blood, the way it should be instead of the watered down version on the SNES), […]

iOS Ahead Of The Pack In Mobile Ad Revenue
Android may be powering 70% of the entire smartphone market, iOS still has the lead in U.S. That’s not all, when it comes to mobile ad revenue no other platform is matching Apple’s lead. Opera Mediaworks released its State of Mobile Advertising report for the first quarter of 2013. The report is based on data collected by Opera Mediaworks from its advertising subsidiaries which account for more than 50 billion ad […]

Twitter Introduces Keyword Targeting For Advertisers
Twitter announced today that advertisers can now target their ads based on keywords from user’s tweets. The keyword targeting ability will allow marketers to reach users in the right context, at the right moment. Twitter says that this new feature is an important capability for advertisers who are looking for signals of intent. Keyword targeting in timelines is available today in markets where Twitter ads are supported.It is available through the […]