One of the drawbacks to the MacBook Air would be its lack of storage capacity. However the lack of storage is made up for through the use of SSDs which allow for quicker read/write speeds, which ultimately results in speedy boot/resume times. However if you feel that your MacBook Air still lacks storage but you’d rather not resort to an external hard drive, OWC might have the answer for you in the form of their new OWC Aura Pro Express 6G 480GB SSD.

According to the company, not only will the Aura Express 6G provide up to 8x more storage capacity, but supposedly will offer up 3x faster performance as well. The Aura Pro Express 6G will be compatible, and apparently work best with the latest 11.1” and 13.3” MacBook Air models and will incorporate 6Gb/sec data rate capabilities, along with Tier 1/Grade A Toggle Synchronous NAND to help deliver data rates. Given how SSDs are still pretty pricey at this point in time, the Aura Expres 6G 480GB model will set you back $1,149, but smaller versions in 120GB and 240GB storage capacities are also available. [Product page]

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