Lower-Priced MacBooks Could Replace Apple’s 12-inch MacBook Lineup

There is a bit of confusion going on right now regarding Apple’s MacBook lineup. The MacBook Pro has recently been refreshed which leaves the 12-inch MacBook and the MacBook Air that have yet to be updated, both of which have not been updated in more than a year. There have also been rumors that Apple could kill off the MacBook Air lineup.

Dongles Are Best Buy’s Most Popular Apple Products

Apple’s decision to kill off the 3.5mm headphone jack on the iPhone was a controversial one. The company also made waves when they launched their new MacBooks which completely did away with USB-A ports, instead only leaving behind USB-C ports. What this meant is that newer Apple customers were forced to resort to dongles and USB hubs.

Twelve South’s PlugBug Duo Makes The MacBook Charger More Useful

If you own one of Apple’s newer MacBook laptops, then chances are you are very familiar with the hulking charging brick that belongs to the laptop’s charger. In fact it is so big that sometimes it can actually end up taking up more than one socket due to its sheer size, which means that it leaves you with little room to charge other devices.

Apple Is Reportedly Moving To More Chinese Suppliers To Lower Costs

Apple has suppliers from all over the world, such as China, Taiwan, just to name a few. However in a report from DigiTimes, it seems that Apple could be making the move to recruit more suppliers in China and shift away from Taiwan in a bid to help reduce their costs. The report cites how this shift has resulted in some Taiwanese suppliers being forced to seek out new businesses.


Apple Reportedly Had To Redesign Its Entry-Level 13-inch MacBook

Apple’s MacBook lineup of computers are by no means affordable, with its cheapest model possibly being the MacBook Air. However there have been rumors that Apple could be planning the launch of a new entry-level 13-inch MacBook that could potentially replace the MacBook Air as an entry-level model.

ARM Claims Future Chips Will Outperform Intel’s By 2020

A lot of companies rely heavily on ARM and their chips. This is because for the most part, a lot of companies use ARM’s architecture for their chips that can be found in plenty of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. In fact earlier this year, companies such as Lenovo launched laptops that are powered by ARM-based chips.

12-inch MacBook Shortages Hint At Upcoming Refresh

It has been more than a year since Apple refreshed their 12-inch MacBook laptops. However it seems that we could be getting closer to an announcement because according to reports, it appears that some retailers are running low on stock on the laptop, suggesting that they could be winding down their orders for the current-gen model in anticipation of the refresh.

New Bug Lets Hackers Compromise Macs During The Setup Process

It is generally thought that a computer fresh from the factory is pretty much as secure as it gets, before software is installed and it is connected to the internet. However that might not be the case with Apple’s Mac computer as security researchers have discovered a bug that could allow Macs to be hacked even before the user logs in for the first time.

Apple’s Mac Hardware Sales Are At A Seven Year Low

Apple’s recent Q3 2018 financials have revealed that the company made $53.3 billion in revenue. This is a lot of money also represents Apple’s largest Q3 financials to date. However it seems that most of the money being generated aren’t from Apple’s Mac computers because as ZDNet observed, Mac sales are actually at a seven year low.

Apple Admits Issues With MacBook Keyboards, Launches Repair Program

There have been countless reports of issues with MacBook and MacBook Pro keyboards. Some have even filed lawsuits against the company. Apple has now admitted that the issue and launched a new repair program to address customers’ concerns. The company has admitted that there are problems with the “butterfly” mechanism of its recent MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops and it’s now offering extended service for four years after the original […]

Apple Could Launch A MagSafe Adapter For Its USB-C MacBooks

Apple seems to be shifting towards going full USB-C, at least as far as its MacBooks are concerned. While we suppose this was a natural evolution, many MacBook owners have lamented that it also effectively killed off one of Apple’s best inventions to date – the MagSafe power adapter.

New Report ‘Confirms’ Pegatron Will Manufacture Apple’s ARM MacBook

According to a recent report from 9to5Mac, it was revealed that Apple was working on a new project codenamed “Star”. From what we can tell, it sounds like a new MacBook that combines features of iOS and macOS and is also expected to run on an ARM processor, something that we’ve actually been hearing about for a while now.

Apple Working On ‘Living Hinge’ Design For Its MacBooks

For the most part, the hinges on our laptops are pretty standard and are designed to help the laptop open up. We don’t really think much about it, but could it be improved upon? That’s something that Apple seems to think that they can do, and in a patent spotted by Patently Apple (via 9to5Mac), it seems that Apple is working on something called the “living hinge”.

Apple Might Have Found A Greener Way To Produce Aluminum

Apple uses a lot of aluminum in their products, such as the iPhone, iPad, Mac computers, Apple Watch, and so on. Unfortunately conventional methods of producing aluminum results in the emission of greenhouse gases. However it seems that Apple might have found a greener way to go about it where the end result releases oxygen versus greenhouse gases.