Samsung DV300FThe Samsung DV300F camera is an update to Samsung’s DualView line of cameras. Obviously, its main differentiation is the front LCD display that lets users capture shots that would otherwise be more difficult, like self-portraits.  The front LCD also has a cool feature that displays an animation to keep young children focused on the camera: that’s pretty smart :)


Optically, the camera has a 7.76mm 16 Megapixel CCD sensor which receives light from a 4.5-22.5mm (5X zoom) f4.5 lens. It should do well in good lighting conditions, but could be more challenged in dim lighting situations. Samsung has included an image stabilization system (IS), although it is not clear which technique they use, although I suppose that it is an electronic IS system rather than an optical one.

WiFi is also an important element for this Samsung DV300F camera: Samsung knows that sharing is a critical incentive to capture photos, so it has integrated upload capabilities to Facebook, Picassa, Flickr and YouTube. Just like previous models, it is also possible to wirelessly transfer images to PCs within the home network.

Like many Samsung compact cameras, the DV300F comes loaded with effects and presets. I won’t list them all here, but the ability to mix still photos and videos and  the “freeze time” feature which freezes everything around a moving subject are of particular interest to me.

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