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The Ubergizmo CAMERA HW Score FAQ
This page answers the most frequently asked questions about our CAMERA HW  (hardware) score, which is driven by technical data and our proprietary algorithm.Goal: the CAMERA HW score assesses how strong a mobile camera system is in the following contexts: Day, Night, Ultrawide, and Zoom photography. We call these the “pillars of mobile photography”.

What Is a ToF Camera?
A Time of Flight Camera, also known as ToF Camera or ToF Sensor, is a depth sensor which works by sending a pulse of infra-red light into the scene to measure the distance to every pixel within range. It relies on how much time it takes IR light to be reflected back to the camera. Using the constant speed of light, the distance can be calculated with simple math.

Heavy Photo Filtering Destroys Data. ForeverEditor's Pick
Some smartphones use intense in-camera automatic image filtering, well beyond what is necessary to capture the scene’s color and details. The real issue with aggressive filtering is that it can irremediably destroy data on the only copy of the photo you’ll ever have.

Night Photography: Brighter Is Not Always BetterEditor's Pick
Excellent low-light photography is the most sought-after quality in a smartphone camera. For many users, it has become a proxy for “how good” a camera really is, and therefore a proxy of its (monetary) value.


Sony Packs High Zoom In Small Cyber-Shot HX99 Camera
Sony today announced the new Cyber-shot HX99. The company claims that it’s the world’s smallest travel high zoom camera. The zoom range of 24-720mm is said to be in the world’s smallest camera body of its kind. The camera is aimed at travelers or casual photographers and promises extensive functionality including the ZEISS Vario-Sonnar T* 24-720mm high magnification zoom lens.

SiOnyx Aurora Night-Vision Camera Review: Own The NightEditor's Pick
WWe test the SiOnyx Aurora Night-Vision camera equipped with Black Silicon technology. It can record impressive color videos when other cameras only see black outlines

Nikon COOLPIX P1000 Launched With 125x Optical Zoom
Nikon today announced the launch of its new COOLPIX P1000 camera which promises “Superzoom” with its 125x optical zoom capability. The 24-3000mm equivalent 125x optical zoom is backed by high performance NIKKOR optics which make this camera perfect for sports, wildlife, birding, and celestial photographers who require great performance from extreme distances.

New Leica CL Mirrorless Camera Gives Off Vintage Vibes
Leica today announced the launch of a new camera that gives off some serious vintage vibes. The new Leica CL is a APS-C class mirrorless camera that’s actually quite similar to the TL2 that it launched earlier this year. Both cameras have the same image sensor and offer similar performance overall. It’s the design that really sets the Leica CL apart from the TL2. It ditches the futuristic look for […]

Sony RX10 III Hands-On + Photo Samples
Sony has just released its brand new Cyber-shot RX10 mark III camera which features an impressive 25X optical zoom with image stabilization (24-600mm, f2.4-f4.0). The other feature that is of particular interest is the ability to capture movies at up to 960 frames per second (FPS), which allows for extreme slow-motion (~40X), for a consumer camera.

How To Sell Your Photos Online
Photography is a skill that not everyone can hone to a professional level. Photographers see the world from a completely different angle and capture it in their photos to mesmerize the public. If you are one, then you must be looking to share your creativity as well. Better yet, you might like to get paid for your handy work.Fortunately, there are many online websites that will let you upload pictures […]

Canon Has A New Camera That Sees Better In The Dark Than You Do
Shooting a video in low light can be very tricky and frustrating no matter how capable of a camera you’re using, you have to make adequate arrangements for lighting to ensure that the video comes out just the way you like it. Canon wants to rid you of those worries though, it has developed a new camera that sees much better in the dark than you do, it can shoot full […]

Olympus AIR A01 Smartphone-Controlled Camera
Olympus just announced its AIR A01 camera, which is basically a lens, which is operated wirelessly from a smart device. The idea is to get rid of the phone’s body and use a smartphone as a “brain” to capture and edit photos. The AIR A01 brings what the smartphone can never have: a huge, interchangeable, lens.

New Sony α7R II Brings First Back-Illuminated Full-Frame Sensor
Sony announced its new flagship full-frame mirrorless camera today, the α7R II model ILCE-7RM2. This interchangeable lens camera features the world’s first back-illuminated full-frame Exmor R CMOS sensor with 42.4 megapixel resolution, high sensitivity up to ISO 102400 and high speed AF response which Sony claims to be up to 40 percent faster than the original α7R, courtesy of 399 focal plane phase detection autofocus points.

Samsung NX500 Camera Packs NX1 Features Into A Compact Body
Samsung just made its NX500 camera official. The NX500 is a mid-range (no NX500 pricing yet, but the NX300 model sells for $499 on Amazon) camera that has been designed to bring some of the high-end NX1 Camera features into a more affordable and more compact body. The NX500 shares most, if not all of the core capabilities of the Samsung NX1.

HTC Re Review: Designed For Humans
When HTC launched the Re Camera, it was an agreeable surprise from the phone company. Re is a small companion camera that is designed to be waterproof (IP57 standard) and used by either holding it, or attaching it to a mounting accessory. Seen from 10,000 feet, this is HTC’s GoPro, but in reality these products are designed for different use cases. The HTC Re’s design is more “human” and fit […]

HTC RE Viewfinder-Less Camera, Hands-On Review
HTC is primarily a smartphone company, but it’s transforming itself into something else. At a private briefing earlier this week, HTC says it started out as a consumer product OEM maker, building devices like the iPAQ and Palm Treo 650 for HP and Palm, and then became a mobile force when it began building its own smartphones. With the mobile competition so fierce, HTC is preparing for the future beyond […]

Sony QX30 Lens-Style Camera With High-Powered Zoom
The QX30 ($349) is Sony’s second lens-style camera to be released at IFA. Its design is closer to the original QX series in the sense that its lens is not interchangeable, but Sony has added what many users have been demanding: a powerful zoom capability, along with 60FPS 1080p movie recording.

Hands-on: 360Cam For Easy Spherical Photos and Videos
I’ve recently met with a startup working on a cool camera called 360Cam. As its name indicates, it can snap photos, or record videos that capture the full 360 degrees around it (except for what is obstructed by the camera’s base, obviously) without any post-processing stitching or processing. That sounds like a dream for real-estate agents, but 360Cam goes well beyond that, and shapes up to be one of the […]

Sony RX100M3 Camera Officially Revealed
The Sony RX100M3 (RX100 Mark 3) has leaked quite a bit in the past 24 hours, but it is now officially announced by Sony. The new high-performance, compact camera comes out with a new lens which features a wider focal length and a better aperture (A Zeiss 24-70mm f1. 8-2.8, 7-blade iris diaphragm). It also have a built-in viewfinder and it’s fair to say that no-one wants to buy one […]

Samsung NX3000 SMART Camera
Samsung is updating its NX SMART Camera series today with the addition of the Samsung NX3000 SMART , the successor of the NX2000.The key difference from the previous model is the size reduction of the display to make room for physical buttons, a feature highly requested by users. Now you will be able to access the video recording, playback, delete  commands and the control wheel directly from the backside.The 3.0-inch […]