[CES 2012] The TransferJet technology seems to be having troubles with its transition into the mainstream consciousness of computer users, but that does not mean Toshiba intends to throw in the towel for this close proximity wireless transfer technology. Having announced the diminutive TransferJet LSI in September of 2011, Toshiba is more than ready to start shipping its first samples of the TransferJet LSI to electronics manufacturers. In fact, those who will be attended CES 2012 will be able to check out the TransferJet LSI in action at Toshiba’s booth.

Measuring a tiny 4mm x 4mm x 0.4mm, this chip capable of paving the way for stable, quick wireless data transfer between mobile devices, targeting smartphones, tablets and digital cameras in particular. There is a paper limit to the transfer speed which stands at 560Mbps, although do remember that real world performance will definitely be a far cry from that. Toshiba has so far priced its samples at $5 each, and intend to manufacture a million chips each month from Q2 of this year onwards.

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