Apple is a highly self-sufficient company, or at least they try to be. This is why they typically prefer controlling both the hardware and software of their products, which is why instead of turning to the use of chipsets from other makers like Qualcomm, they have decided to design their own.

This is also why it doesn’t really come as a complete surprise to learn that Apple could be interested in making a bid on Toshiba’s chip division. This is according to a report from Reuters (via 9to5Mac) who claims that Apple could be back in the running to make a bid for the company.

If this sounds familiar, this is because earlier this year it was reported that Apple (and several other tech companies) were eyeing Toshiba’s chip business, but it seems from then until now Apple might have backed out of it. However the report claims that the consortium is being led by Bain Capital who has brought Apple back into the fold to help bolster its bid which is said to be worth $18 billion.

Should it prove to be a successful bid, Apple could end up owning 20% of the business. Exactly what Apple plans to do with their stake is unclear, but like we said Apple likes to be self-sufficient so we wouldn’t be surprised if they were to use Toshiba’s chip business to produce some components for themselves, or at least sell to others.

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