Perseverance – it can mean “steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state”, or you can just summarize it into two words – Dennis Manarchy. Why so, you ask? Well, how many of you out there have the discipline to commit to a 10 year project in order to construct a 35-foot long camera? That is Dennis for you, where the camera can be extended to 35 feet in length, which offers more than ample space inside to stay overnight. This dream behemoth of a camera has yet to be completed, as Dennis is working on raising more dough over at Kickstarter, but he has been tinkering around with a more permanent prototype which feeds on 4.5 x 6 feet negatives. These negatives can be viewed using an actual window as a lightbox, and developing these huge negatives are definitely not easy at all – they will need to be showered in chemicals. Dennis hopes that through Kickstarter, he will be able to be on the receiving end of enough dough to bring his camera-RV rig around to capture “vanishing cultures”.

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