Tablets these days tend to be pretty boring and straightforward in terms of design, but then again there aren’t too many ways to design a tablet to begin with, at least not that we know of. Corning, the company behind the famous Gorilla Glass used in smartphones and tablets has released a concept video showcasing the possibilities of transparent tablets/display in the future, all of which we’re assuming use Corning’s products, of course.

The company has managed to envision a future where all of our tablets will feature transparent displays, making use of augmented reality and allowing us to interact with devices around our house. Apart from tablets, the company has also imagined a school with huge interactive glass displays that replace the traditional white/black boards, and allowing teachers to send information directly to the student’s tablet.

It should be noted that some of these concepts have been thought of before, some of which are already a reality, but what do you guys think of living in a world surrounded by such technology? With all that transparent glass around, we’d hate to accidentally walk into one of them!

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