A lot of our smartphones and tablets rely on glass covers to help protect the phone’s display components from being damaged. This means that these glass covers need to be really tough to withstand the daily rigors of usage and the occasional drop, and Corning thinks that they might have made the toughest version of Gorilla Glass to date.

Dubbed Gorilla Glass Victus, Corning is boasting that this is the toughest version of Gorilla Glass to date. According to Corning, they claim that Victus is capable of surviving drops from as high up as 2 meters even when dropped onto hard and rough surfaces. The company says that glass made from competitors tend to fail when dropped by 0.8 meters, but Victus can survive drops more than twice that height.

In addition to being more tough and drop resistant, Corning is also claiming that Victus is more scratch resistant, where it is twice as scratch resistant compared to its predecessor, and up to four times better compared to competitors making aluminosilicate glass. The company has also revealed that Samsung will be the first to adopt Gorilla Glass Victus in the “near future”.

This would suggest that devices like the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series could be utilizing the new glass covers, so it will be interesting to see how the phones will fare in drop tests.

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