If you’d rather not waste money buying an iPhone speaker dock, and you would rather spend your time creating something with your own two hands, then this iPhone Boombox might be a project worth undertaking, assuming that you have both the time and patience to see it through to the end.

This was originally designed by Instructables user, MTriest who is currently a student at the University of Oregon studying industrial design and was made for one of his classes. It features MDF wood along with a clear layer of acrylic that has been sandwiched between the wooden pieces and was created with a ShopBot CNC router and a laser cutter.

The end result is a pretty minimalistic design, and the good news is that MTriest was kind enough to post his instructions online. So if you’d like to undertake a new project, head on over to his Instructables page for the instructions, additional information and for the list of materials required.

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